About Me

Oh my gosh... a blank page...where I am supposed to tell you all about me.
Let me see....

I was born on a dark and stormy night----no that's not right--- it was noon and it was Southern California. And it was August.  
I was born on a Sunny Summer afternoon in  Southern California.  Some...50+ years ago.

So this is what my Blogger profile says:

OccupationChamber of Commerce Executive Director
LocationWinnemucca, Nevada, United States
IntroductionJust a girl (an old one albeit) who likes to cook and read. And enjoys her friends.
Interestscooking, reading, walking, gardening, photography, journaling, blogging...and my grandchildren!
Favorite MoviesThe Godfather, which is the best movie EVER. You've got mail, Love Actually, older movies... The Big Chill
Favorite MusicI like a little bit of everything, but mostly, I'm an "oldies" kind of girl.
Favorite BooksWhat's not to like about books? Any books!

But that doesn't begin to cover it.

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