Tuesday, October 30, 2007

(The Great) Gatsby....or Catsby

And then.....(the great) Gatsby, running around by my rock garden. He REFUSED to be a character in the graveyard!! The cackling witch makes him nervous. You should see them tip-toe around the garage!!

The cats are very suspicious. Monore not so much....he doesn't really care.

by the way, do you say cemetary or graveyard? In Halloween terms?


Shelly said...

I always use the word cemetary whether it's Halloween or not. The word "graveyard" kind of creeps me out. I added your Friday Friends blog site to my favorites...I'll try to check in on you each day.

Jolina said...

Graveyard would be a Halloween term - I have to agree with Shelly about it being creepy. I use cemetery in real life terms.

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