Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I have a confession to make... a dirty little secret.
If you remember, somewhere in this blog is a list of the 219 cookbooks I have. And somewhere in this blog I said I was going to make something from every one of them.
I haven't. I couldn't keep focused on that goal (one reason is that I keep trying stuff from all of YOU.)
I'm kind of like that... I never finish anything.

Okay, wait. That's not true either. I finish lots of stuff. I finished 2 books this month, I always finish my plate, I finish all the money from each paycheck I get.

Seriously tho... I do finish things. "If" I have a deadline. And someone to keep me accountable. Open ended goals don't do it for me.
I have deadlines all the time for work, and I make it ---just under the gun. Homework...at the very last minute. Dinner parties timed to the minute (so when I take the bathroom rugs out of the dryer as people are coming up the walk, they will have the ultimate fluff!)

But my point is... I didn't reach my cookbook goal. How embarrassing. I didn't even really try.
And then....and this is my dirty little secret.... when I was up at mom mom's the first of the month (for our niece's wedding), my mom was "going thru stuff" to be taken to the thrift store... WITHOUT ME. It brought me much anxiety, because there might have been some stuff I wanted. So, I quickly grabbed the two boxes...2 BOXES of cookbooks she was getting rid of. I added at least 25-30 more cookbooks to my goal. (Plus, I am running out of room to put them)

The Handyman just sighed and just put them in the trunk of the car.
Whew! I dodged that bullet. There might be something wonderful to cook in those boxes.
I found an old notebook...circa 1955-56, where my mom (a sophomore/junior in highschool) cut out recipes from magazines and made her own cookbook.
Ahhh---Velveeta, Carnation, Jell-O, Campbell's and Kraft, where would our 1950's and 60's cooks be without you? What would Sunday dinners of my youth be without Jell-O, orange sherbet and heavy cream masquerading as a "salad"? Soup drenched casseroles , baked potatoes with sour cream AND cheese? Broccoli smothered in Kraft mayonnaise.
All these recipes AND MORE are in my mom's homemade cookbook.
I love my mother's cut-out cookbook.

It's the cookbooks..... I am addicted to them.
But someone...please, PLEASE give me a deadline.


sherri said...

From one addict to another...there is no hope. Sorry.

Mary said...

Yeah, I feel your pain...I was just complaining that I have too many cookbooks and just bought two more on amazon.com this morning...how about one recipe per book/per week?

Karen said...

Haha... cute post! I don't have any suggestions... I never finish anything either. And I wouldn't dare give you a deadline... too much pressure! LOL

Katy ~ said...

I had made a promise to myself to refer more to my cookbooks (like you I have quite a stash) and plus the slips of paper cut from mags and newspapers (folders of them!!), plus handwritten cards. I am swimming in recipes. I do occasionally weed them out as tastes change, but for the most part, I cherish them all!

~~louise~~ said...

I've been thinking about participating in the Cooks the Book Club, (blog link available on my blog:) in hopes of joining in on the fun.

So far, I'm planning on January 2010 as my start date to prepare something from each one of them. YOU IN Debbie???

P.S. I've added you to my blogroll and search engine. Thanks for sharing, now I know for sure, I am not alone...

The Blonde Duck said...

Before Thanksgiving.

Kate said...

Oh, I can so relate! My house runneth over with cookbooks! Does it keep me from buying more, no. You are up on me, you actually have a list of yours. Maybe that will be my resolution come January....make a list. I just might get that done.

How long does one have on a resolution? I don't want to jump into anything!

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