Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Coming up on 500 posts, shrimp dinner and a good book

I am coming up on my 500th post.  I am at 489 with this one.  I should really  have a give-away or something, but since I can't decide if I am a food blogger or a book blogger, I wouldn't know what to give away. Besides, no one has ever given me a signed copy of a book or an ARC or sent me a food product to test out.  I guess I am just a plain old blogger, who likes to cook and read books. And who also likes to write random stuff so that my family and friends could read it in an easy to find place.  (I could probably take the time to handwrite them a real letter and they would be THRILLED, but we are living in the 21st century now. I have to keep up )  
Who knew that I would make new friends, who, I might add, read my blog a lot more often than my family and friends do?

It's kind of fun to say  "I have a friend in Louisiana...."  Or "my friend in Montana",  and my husband, the Handyman will look confused and say,  "we don't know anyone in Louisiana"  and I will say, "I know that," and then go on explaining what I was going to say in the first place.

It's really hard to put into words why I would feel someone whom I've never met is a 'friend', but I do.
While I love all the cooking posts, I love, even more when bloggers tell me, by their stories,  a little bit about their world, where they come from, what they like to do.  I feel as if I'm  able to visit different regions as a blogger voyeur.  Food bloggers are much more apt to give a part of their world away, than Book bloggers are.  I'm not sure why.  Book Bloggers get right down to business and start talking about the book.  Which I love too.
I love going to my book clubs and being able to say, "That book is a really hot topic in book clubs", or some such thing.   They think I'm so intellectual!  (Little do they know).
It's fun to share my hobbies with my friends in the blogging world.  I just don't know what to "share" with you all on my 500th post.   Just the glory of me surpassing the #500?  My kids never fell for that either.  Or my 8-year old grandson...Gramma, that's not a very good prize, just being happy for you.  (and that is why I usually let him win...because for me the prize is just fine...being happy for him).
Anyway, I digress....I am coming up on my 500th post.  WOW!  Hard to believe.  I'm really glad to have met/made some nice friends in the blogging world--Foodies and Bookworms!

That is just the right statement for me to segue into my dinner tonight.  I came home from work and started right away to make   Southern Red Rice with Shrimp  from  the kitchen of Deep Dish South.  I was so organized, I had my kitchen cleaned while the dish was in the oven. We were ready to sit down and enjoy our excited to have something with Creole seasoning.... except...I didn't turn on my oven.  I discovered this after the timer beeped 45 minutes later.
I had 2 grown men in my kitchen drooling ---but they had to wait another 45 minutes to eat.  We finally got to sit down at almost 8:00.  But--it was worth the wait.  It's a slightly spicy shrimp and rice dish.  Very yummy.
For the recipe please visit Mary at Deep Dish South.

Then I sat down with my new book  (new, as in next in line to be read by me)  during the extra 45 minutes.  I got to start  "The Lost Summer of Louisa May Alcott".  I can tell already, I'm really going to enjoy it.

I'm going to leave you with this link to my "picture blog",  just in case you wanted to see where I went this past weekend.   And here is a picture of someone who came right up on our deck to see if we had food- -sadly for her, we only had our camera.  
You can check out more pictures on the friends and family are supposed to link over there, because they really might be interested in these pics.... but I have a feeling that more of my blogger friends will take a quick peek.  That's just how we are.


Brenda said...

Debbie, what a lovely post! I know what you mean, I've only been blogging since February but have made so many real friends. I can't imagine not doing this now. Too funny about you not turning on the oven. I've done that a time or two. I'm going to take a look at your pics now but I have to say the one with the deer and fawn is amazing!!!! I can't believe they got so close. I'm jealous! (No deer in downtown Toronto, lol). Have a great day!

bermudaonion said...

I can remember before I started my blog and I'd hear other people talk about their online friends. I would think to myself that those people aren't friends. Boy, have I had to eat those thoughts! I've been lucky enough to meet many of my online friends and each one has been exactly the way I pictured them.

Congratulations on achieving such a milestone!

The deer is beautiful. We used to see deer all the time when we lived in Alabama, but I've never seen one where we live now.

Sheila (Bookjourney) said...

I think you are a food loving book blogger... LOL :)

Congrats on the 498! Doesn't that just blow your mind? I love your posts that talk books and food.

And I laughed when you said your "online" friends read your blog more than your face to face friends or family.... yup... same here.

Your friend in Minnesota! :)

MM said...

You don't know what to share?? You've just shared plenty!

Here's to 500 and many more, my friend.

Great to check out the others.

Sadie said...

Oh, when your done with the book can I borrow it I've had that on my list to read? I also borrowed one of Jeannie Watt's books from you during our short stop on our way back home. I'm done so I'll get it back to you. I was looking the book you recently read that Stephen King recommended but I didn't see it on your shelves.

Mary at Deep South Dish said...

I think you should just keep on doing what you do and don't even worry about trying to label it! I love visiting you - just as you are. Congrats on coming up on 500!! And thanks for the linky love! It sure looks good. Glad y'all enjoyed it.

Karen said...

My ex-husband reads my blog way more often than my husband does. What's up with that?? I felt like I'd known you 30 years the first time I visited your blog and we started typing. LOL I love shrimp and rice :)

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