Thursday, July 21, 2011


I'm back!  I've been away for a bit.  My dad had some surgery and I went up north to help out for a few days. 

I have no food post to put up, since I've been gone, BUT I have discovered  (read previous post now if you haven't)  that 3 out of 3 daughters-in-law would have pedicures with me!  And 2 out of four son has even had a couple of pedicures and likes them, but I'm not supposed to tell who.  You have a one in four chance of guessing correctly tho.

My dad has had a few pedicures and loves them too.... my husband, the Handyman would rather stick a pencil in his ear.  That sounds rather dramatic, but he is still from the school of thought that real men don't get pedicures.  Which is actually very funny (odd) because he is a very accepting of others kinda guy.

I could post about books....I've read a few  in the past week.  One of them being  "Smokin' Seventeen" by Janet Evonovich.  I listened to it on audio on my 8 hour drive home. 

Right off the top of my head, I can't recall who the narrator/reader was, but she was terrific!  It put a whole new level of enjoyment about the books for me....and I've read them all.  I'm a big fan.

You know how sometimes you can picture the character in your mind?    Like sometimes you pick an actor who might best bring to life the character in the book?   Well, I could never decide before who might play  Stephanie Plumb, but after listening to the book yesterday, I am thinking  Marissa Tomei.

I know she might not be everybody's  picture of Stephanie Plumb, but she is mine.  I think.
It's really interesting what goes thru a person's mind when they are traveling alone for almost 10 hours.  I had to keep my mind on something.

Have you ever read any of Janet Evonvich's  Stephane Plumb books?  Can you think of a better actor?

I'm going to go cook something...I'll be back soon with  a food post.


bermudaonion said...

Marisa Tomei is a good pick, but I thought I'd read that Rikki Lake is going to play Stephanie. If they don't get the movie made soon, she'll be too old.

My husband is like yours - no pedicures for him. The woman who does mine says she has tons of male clients.

Rosie Hawthorne said...

I think Ashley Judd is slated to play Stephanie.

Shelby said...

lol, I love it...a one in 4 chance of getting it right? ;)

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