Saturday, November 19, 2011

Saturday Snapshot

Yesterday pre-dawn, this was the scene looking down on Reno, NV.   A horrible fire in the southwest part of Reno and as of this morning about 30 homes have been lost.

(phto sent by a friend via facebook)
so...I am not submitting that photo to  Saturday Snapshot, but these below....
I am.

Our thoughts and prayers have been with the people of Reno all day yesterday, today, and tomorrow....


I love's 'home' territory, even tho we live 2 hours away. We go there often.  
When you live in rural Nevada, you have to travel to do lots of things,
sometimes doctors, a bit of shopping, business, entertainment.

For some reason, I love to snap photos from the front seat of the car--I am usually the passenger when I do this--and most of the time, they turn out just fine.   I took these last year when we were driving thru the downtown.
It must have been around Christmas time, because I notice the marquee on some of the casinos.

Every big city has it's own landmark for which it is famous  (or at least recognizable)  and the Reno arch is Reno's!  I always get excited to see it.

I am submitting my Reno photos to Saturday Snapshot, hosted by Alyce from  "At Home with Books"
Stop by and check it out.


Lady In Read said...

Love 'The biggest little city in the world' as well. It is now becoming an annual tradition to drive up to Reno and nearby ski spots during ski season.. the kids love walking around Circus Circus and of course, the food and the skiing.. it is always sad to see homes destroyed..

Alyce said...

Oh my goodness - that photo with the fire looks unreal!

bermudaonion said...

The fire in that photo looks scary!

(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

How terrible that fire must have been. I do like the photos. Have been to NV several times, and like all the glitz.

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