Monday, October 28, 2013

Happy Monday

I've been gone for a couple of weeks, helping my parents out after my mom had had a two week hospital stay.  She's on the mend, but as you get older it takes longer.

The weather was gorgeous up in Washington the whole time I was there.  The weather was beautiful down here in Nevada the whole time I was gone....and also this weekend while I was back.

Today, I feel like bringing out the Christmas music!

Outside my kitchen window yesterday:

Outside my kitchen window today:

I feel bad, as the Handyman hadn't raked up the leaves  yet.  And now they will be wet and very heavy.  His nightmare scenario in the fall.

I hope this is gone by Thursday.  Trick-or-Treating in the snow is no fun.


bermudaonion said...

The snow is pretty but I'm glad it's there and not here.

Susan Lindquist said...

First snow is always exciting! I know what Handyman feels like though, wet heavy leaves are a drag to deal with!

Susan Lindquist said...

PS - Thanks so much for posting on the Welcome to Juniors cookbook. My daughter lives in Brooklyn, so I ordered her a copy. It came today in the mail and when I leafed through it and read some of the memoir sections, I knew she would love it! The recipes look darn good too!

Tina said...

Wow, it changes the entire look of your backyard. It's beautiful. I have not dealt with snow since I lived in Pennsylvania.

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