Saturday, July 26, 2014

Kid Konnection

We have been busy cleaning out my parents home over the last few months.  While a sad and sentimental journey for sure, it's also been kind of fun discovering and 're' discovering things from our childhood, our parent's childhood and even our grandparent's childhood.
Bibles?  I think I now have the biggest Bible collection in the known world.  I mean, how can you throw away an old family Bible that has your ancestor's name in it?  Along with old letters, newspaper clippings, etc?
I cannot.

Anyway, that is a story for another time. For now... Look what I found!
(bad photos---taken on the guest bed---sorry)

I remember these books from when I was little. They were  not mine, but my mother's and my grandma's books.   LITTLE JANIE'S CHRISTMAS!!!   It is one that I always loved.   I am so glad my mom didn't throw it away.    It is Christmas to me.  Just look at the picture!   Santa across the night sky.
I always thought it was just like that.
In the book,  Janie writes a letter to Santa Claus on Christmas Eve and he ends up coming and taking her in his sled, where they go back to the North Pole and she visits his workshop.   The photos are gorgeous and very old-fashioned.
This book was published in 1946, and you can find it on e-bay for around  $15. 
It was much more fun finding my mom's.

A Lonesome Dolly---my grandma received this from her uncle. There is an inscription inside the front cover.  There is no year or date, but I am thinking it was the late 20's. From now on, I am going to sign and date every book I give to someone.  I usually try to do so, but from now on it's a mandate for me!

And finally, this one I shouldn't be so happy to have.   But I am.  Only for the sake of nostalgia---I have  replaced it for my own children (or grandchildren) with   "The Boy and the Tigers"  Which sounds much better than "Little Black Sambo".

In my mother's trunk there were these few books  and a handful of others.
I wonder what I will choose to keep and what I will choose to give away?
That will be a hard decision for me when the time comes, but then again, does it really ever have to come? 
I have a a whole two shelves full of children's books and juvenile novels. I love having that 'library' for my grandkids... and also sometimes my friends children.
But, is it more fun discovering a handful of treasured books or bookshelves full of all kinds of books?

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bermudaonion said...

Oh my, what treasures!!

Tina said...

Those are indeed treasures. It must be sad but look at all the memories you are stirring up. Love finding old things from my childhood.

Julie P. said...

I was going to say the exact same thing as Kathy! Word for word -- I swear! I would be thrilled to run across so many books from my childhood. What memories!

Karen said...

That is so cool to find those! I saved lots of books from when Cameo was little and have given them to her... Now she reads them to her girls. That Little Black Sambo book might be worth some money!

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