Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Outdoor Wednesday

This is going to be a weird, "Outdoor Wednesday" because my pictures aren't really taken out of doors -- we were in the indoor events center-- BUT this thing that I took photos of does take place out of doors, so I'm stretching the limits and just linking up to Outdoor Wednesday anyway.

Cow Dogs.

I think they are AMAZING.  I LOVE them.
They are the smartest things alive.
Just by the littlest, teeny-tiny whistle or click, a cowboy can get a message across to their Cow Dog (usually a Border Collie) who then herds and cuts the cattle into groups/pens or where ever the cowboy wants them.

I am not even a cowgirl.  
I do live in the middle of Nevada in the middle of nowhere, and I love, love, love the rustic outdoors, BUT I would never ever want to work as hard as the ranchers and cowboys and farmers work.
I, basically, am lazy.
As you know-- give me a good book, a good meal, warm cookies, hot coffee, a nice walk or hike.
Do not give me country work to do!

I love these dogs tho and it seems like they do all the work!!

Remember, as you look, no cows or dogs were harmed in the process.
The dogs nip and snap at the cows to get them into a pen, but never really bite them.   They are really gentle dogs.

Every year in late February- early March, our Fairgrounds has a "Ranch Hand" Rodeo.  
It's quite popular -- Ranch hands (or cowboys) come from near and far to participate.
The Cow Dog trials is the only thing I make time to watch.
I took these pictures at last year's event.  
I can't wait until this  year!

Our trial welcomes dogs and their handlers from across the West. Cow dogs are an essential part of a ranch operation. Our trial provides a venue to demonstrate the agility and functionality of our canine companions. Watch how quickly these dogs move cattle through a timed obstacle course! The Winnemucca Cow Dog Trial runs Wednesday and Thursday of Ranch Hand Rodeo Weekend. The Cow Dog Finals take place Thursday evening.


Lea said...

Amazing dogs!
Good photos showing them at work!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

How earnest those ranch dogs are in doing their job! It is amazing! Denver just had it's National Western Stock Show week -- we love to go to one of the 16 rodeos!

Tina said...

Great photos, I would love to see these working dogs at a trial. They are so smart

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