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Friday Friend Recipe #121 -- Fruity Slaw

Friday Friend Recipe #121 -- Tracy's Fruity  Slaw
Making my way thru my Friday Friend Cookbook, one recipe at a time.
What is the Friday Friend cookbook: I have about 50 of my closest friends and family on an e-mail forum which I called the Friday Friends (from all over the county). At first, most of them didn't know each other, (they knew me) but over the past 15 years, we've answered and shared silly--and serious---questions, exchanged Secret Santa Christmas gifts, had a dieting contest in which we paid a $1 a week and that money went to a scholarship fund for a Friday Friends son's memorial scholarship, and we went on a great vacation for my 52 birthday.
AND, we contributed recipes for a cookbook.
I was looking at the cookbook the other night and I said, "I should make every recipe in here for my blog."
The Handyman--who knows me better than I know myself (this happened to be a question on the Friday Friend forum once---does your spouse/partner know you better than you know yourself?)--said,  "you'll never, EVER do that."

WELL---maybe I'll show him!  Maybe I will.
Which brings me to this... recipe #121
Fruity Slaw

I love this!!
I don't know what else to say about it really.
When I was requesting salad recipes and Tracy sent this to me, she said "it sounds weird, but it's really good."
And she was right!
To be honest---the sound of cantaloupe and strawberries and cabbage didn't sound that appealing to me, but make it I did and...  it Was SO GOOD!! 
I loved it.  Just the right amount of sweet from the fruit and crunch from the cabbage.

Now that we can finally see a hint of spring on the horizon, I am looking forward to having more dishes like this---fresh and light--instead of the heavy winter dishes/comfort foods (read-calorie laden) that I've been making.

Fruity Slaw
Tracy White

3 cups cabbage
1 cup cantaloupe
1 cup strawberries
1/3 cup miracle whip
1 T. honey
1/4 t poppy seeds

Chop, dice, mix and enjoy!

I went to a luncheon (a book club luncheon) here in town and someone asked --what happened to that cookbook you were counting down?
(Hi Carrie!)
So, then I had to explain that I was going thru a slump and I DON'T KNOW WHY!  Altho, I think she has encouraged me to post the 25 drafts from the cookbook I have waiting.
And who knew someone was watching (Hi again Carrie!) me on Facebook?!  (as I always put a link on my Facebook page to my food posts).
I feel so special (me being a bit sarcastic)  (but then again... it IS special, right?)
So... I'm back!  Again!

My friend Tracy White sent in this recipe... she has since passed away, but here is a photo of she and her husband  Dennis--camping out in the high Nevada desert.
She loved camping and outdoor activities. And 4-wheeling.  And animals.

My funny story of her?
One time they went camping and on the way back home, stopped at a rest stop to use the bathroom.
If any of you have ever driven across the state of Nevada, you know it's pretty much WIDE OPEN SPACE and looks like a lot of hills and sagebrush  (just like an old western movie)... anyway Tracy's dog got out to potty too.
When everyone was done, they all got back in the SUV and took off down the highway, anxious to be home.  About 20 miles down the road, she said  "Where is Poppy?"  (a poodle) and THERE WAS NO POPPY!
They had left her on the side of the road!

They turned the vehicle around  (I'm sure Dennis was NOT grumpy about this at all) and drove 20 miles back thinking she'd run off into the hills of course, but there sat Poppy on the side of the lone Nevada Highway, just waiting for them to come back and get her.

That's my Tracy story.
This is the 2nd time I've posted a recipe from her in the countdown--she has a few more, so I'll be back with stories about Tracy!

This is recipe #121
out of

And so it goes......


bermudaonion said...

The cabbage and the fruit sound good but I'm not sure about the Miracle Whip. I've never bought it - is it like mayonnaise?

Tina said...

I was very worried about Poppy. I'm glad she was sitting by the side of the road. Dumped dogs do that too.....just wait for their owners to come back and sadly, I end up hauling them off to the shelter after a few days. The evils of rural living!

This is a great looking salad and I have to say, I would never have thought of pairing fruit with cabbage. It pops with color.

Stefanie Ng said...

OMGosh, what a smart dog knowing where to wait for her family. This slaw certainly is an interesting mix.

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