Friday, March 23, 2018

The Friday Friend Cookbook

Speaking of the Friday Friend Cookbook Countdown... (I just posted previously today and it had been a very long time since my last one.)  Shelly presented me with the 'hardbound' copy of Volume 4.  I blog 'em, she Shutterflys 'em.

Look at all those fun "Friday Friends" on the cover!  It's great!

Shelly says she has trouble with the Title page so she decided to do a review of my sunglasses thru the ages.
I find it amusing because for at least 2 trips that I've taken with Shelly and April (Wallowa Lake, Boise) I've broken my cheap sunglasses and have had to buy some new ones.

She should start me a sunglasses fund!

Thanks Shelly for a great book!
I love it (them)
And one day I'll be done with this countdown--I promise.


bermudaonion said...

Shelly sounds like a fabulous friend!

Stefanie said...

How fun to have in your hands.

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