Sunday, February 1, 2009

Random Ramblings me crazy. Because that's what I am. Crazy. I'm turning 50 this year, and while the actual number 50 doesn't bother me, I have been feeling as if I need to mark this occasion with something special. And being me, marking it with a fun-filled vacation to Tahiti or a life-time dream of a trip to Europe wasn't going to make the final cut (could be something like I can't afford Tahiti or Europe right now... I have 3 grand babies due this year)
I decided to do two things: one was to participate in a 3-day, 60-mile walk for breast cancer, and this is huge for me, because I can't catch my breath going up my own stairs. (that is a slight exaggeration, but only slight. LOL ) So I'm on a training schedule for the next 7 months. Wish me luck.

and just in case any of you felt so inclined to donate to the cause (yes,I realize this is shameless. SHAMELESS! But I have to raise $2300--- and $5 here and there adds up :~)
just click here. It's for breast cancer not for me. I don't ever actually handle the money.( thank you if you do...and no worries if you don't)

The 2nd thing I decided to do is take a class at our local college. "Beatles Across the Universe". It's an integrated studies class. I had no idea what that meant. I just like the sound of the class and decided to take it. I had to get instructor permission, because it's an upper level class and I don't have all of the prerequisites. I take classes every once in a while as something fun and interesting to do. Yeah, I know--HUGE DORK.
I haven't taken any of my math requirements...NONE. I don't like math. But this is all besides the point..... the point is: I THOUGHT THIS WOULD BE FUN???!!
Last night was the first class. I think I am in over my head. Plus I am the oldest person in the class.
We live in a very rural Nevada town (every town in Nevada is rural except for Reno and Las Vegas) we live out in the middle of nowhere. You Eastern people don't understand what "in the middle of nowhere" means. Take it literally.
Great Basin Community College is our college. It is based in Elko, NV, but we have branch campus here in Winnemucca, as well as in other small towns in a 7-hour...YES, 7 HOUR radius of Elko. (that is driving time).
Sometimes instructors are based in a town that isn't' your they have a video class. There is a more technical name of course, but it boils down to a big fancy-schmancy video system that broadcasts your class, the teacher and classes in other towns. there are two huge screens, one always shows the instructor and the other one shows the classroom of someone who is talking or asking a question or participating in some way, so that one jumps around. are just listening to the instructor lecture, it stays on your classroom. can see yourself. And I saw myself. It was very uncomfortable for me. I couldn't get over my socks. Seriously. I stared at them all night long. They were white. Like I had soaked them in bleach and just put them on. White was screaming out at me.
Note to self: wear blue socks next time. socks the color of my jeans. Or boots...wear boots.
Because of my age, I am really going to have to get used to this video broadcast thing. Well I feel as if it's my age, as everyone else seemed perfectly comfortable with the video technology.
One third of the grade is on I'm going to have to get over my fears.....of seeing my white socks.

Yes, I am crazy. But not as crazy as the instructor. I've never seen a more devoted fan of the Beatles. This week we discussed the Beatles up to 1962--PRE Ringo Starr.
Every time the instructor put a record on (he has a great collection of rare records), so that we could listen to their beginning sounds...he, the instructor would ..."Lip sync" to the song. And play the air guitar.
Now remember he is being broadcast to the campus network.... lip syncing. And exaggerated at that.
Kind of like playing charades or guesstures. A bad mime.

He's a nice man, and a good instructor.... ummm, not so good at lip syncing or air guitar. As my friend Jolina's like watching a train wreck, you just can't look away even tho you probably should.

I have to research and find information related to the Beatles on/about the first canonized Catholic Saint in the United States. (Because....they released a song in Germany in 1960 called Saints. )
This is my assignment for next week... and then I get to present it, over the evil, vile, stinking campus broadcast system.

I really am crazy. And nervous.

I should have taken a cooking class.


Karen said...

Debbie, I laughed through most of your post esp about your white socks! LOL It's great that you're taking this class *and* are walking for breast cancer. It doesn't matter if you're the oldest in the class - that will just mean that you'll know more! :) Hope you have fun with it. I think I'll do my own little research on the song they wrote about a Saint... hadn't heard of that before and I was a big Beatles fan! Yes, I think a Carrot Cake Showdown would be fun. If you want to do it together, let me know, otherwise I'll enter yours!

HoneyB said...

LOL a cooking can learn that at home in your kitchen. ;)

The Beatles class makes you way hip in Grumpy's eyes. He is a BIG Beatles fan!

P.S. At least you had on the same color socks....

The Blonde Duck said...

I wear striped, colorful socks! So don't feel bad. And how wonderful you're doing that walk! I think it's great you're taking that class.

Cathy said...

Turning 50 isn't bad, Debbie. In fact, it is something to celebrate. Good for you for doing the 3 day breast cancer walk. My daughter did it and wouldn't trade the experience for anything.

Hurrah for you for signing up for a class.

Megan said...

Me and 3 of my childhhod friends are turning 50 this year and we are all going on a camping trip. Just us. From Florida to California, were all meeting in Oregon. No hubbys, kids, or dogs, Were gonna let the inner 12 year old brats loose. The cancer walk is a cool way to celebrate. Not so sure about your class. I would be totaly uncomfortable, even with blue socks!!!

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