Tuesday, June 9, 2009

cupcakes and kitchen windows

Wow...I am tired. Just what you wanted to hear, right? I haven't blogged for over a week, and then I complain to you!! What's up with that? Well, I am tired. LOL
I was missing in action because I went north to "check in on", "check on," "see about" and "visit" my parents.
I thought, I would do a couple of blogs while I was up there, but I really didn't have any downtime, so I didn't.

But here I am. Back in action. (I can hear you now...the hoorays are echoing in blogland )

Seriously tho, my garden grew while I was gone...the Handy man, didn't neglect it. And later in the week when the Handy Man came up to Washington to join me,

the in-transition-adult-son-who-needs-to-figure-out-his-life, didn't neglect it either.
See pictures here:

And what's outside my kitchen window here, the before and after.... April vs June in the high Nevada Desert:
The tree has leafed out. (as is apparent in the before and after pictures) When we first planted it, it was a stick, and we didn't have the cover on the patio, so I put it there for shade someday. It might be a tad bit too close to the house...and now we do have a cover on our patio. It towers over the other trees, which are sticks compared to this one.
Last evening there were some quail walking around in our rocks. Here is one...

One of our favorite things to do in the summer is to eat outside on our patio. Supper always, and coffee in the mornings. Coffee, the newspaper and a CUPCAKE. A banana cupcake--that is semi-healthy, right?
Melissa of
"Schweet and Savory" made some banana cupcakes a while back and they looked so good, that I made them too!
They were good and dense and moist, just how I like my banana breads/cakes/muffins/cupcakes.
You should try them if you like banana stuff. I have pictures of mine, but she has the recipe she used, so check out her blog and find out!

Great with coffee...and a friend. A Friday Friend! (check my profile to see what a Friday Friend really is ).


HoneyB said...

I should copycat you and make Mel's cupcakes too...I have 4 bananas that are crying out that if I don't use them they are going to burst....literally. They look yummy.

Isn't it amazing what a difference some nice weather will do to our yards? I just wish it would stop raining here and warm up more. I feel like we are never going to have summer.

Donna-FFW said...

These look like gorgeous cupcakes. I love to bake with bananas. Your yard looks so pretty with everything popping out!

RecipeGirl said...

Oh my gosh- your backyard looks exactly like my Mom's backyard, and she lives in Carson City :)

These look great- that frosting looks so amazing. I've been thinking about banana cupcakes lately too.

Mary said...

Your cupcakes look scrumptious. It's so nice to see seasonal changes in the garden. Your garden, by the way, is lovely and most inviting.

Karen said...

What a difference a couple of months make, huh? Everything looks good, including the banana cupcakes!

Lisa said...

Your backyard looks great! And I wouldn't say no to coffee and a banana cupcake. Yum.

Lynda said...

I'm glad you're home and back in "blogland".....The cupcakes look wonderful! Since I love all things banana, I'll have to try these.
Your yard is so lovely, the perfect place for meals, or coffee.

The Blonde Duck said...


teresa said...

I love the pics, your yard looks so nice!

These cupcakes look delicious! I could go for one right now!

Krista said...

Your garden AND your cupcakes look lovely! Hope you get to catch up on some rest!

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