Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

I am a HORRIBLE wife.
for Father's Day, my son Dustin and his friend Mike are taking their dads out shooting (pop bottles) and then to the Paradise Valley Fireman's BBQ (a tradition) but...but... I am not going.

and...this is the horrible part... I'M SO EXCITED TO BE ALONE!!!!
I have on classical (yes, classical) music and it's kind of rainy (hit and miss) outside (I could get kicked out of Winnemucca for saying this, but I like it), I have a book to read, some weeds to pull, some blogs to write, a nap to take, a cake to make.


Happy Day everyone!!!
PS: hmmmm... should I have a coke or a margarita? Margarita or coke?
Before the great father/son outing, we all went out to breakfast...
(and I skipped church.)
The Griddle is owned an operated (from afar) by my good Friday Friend Ashley.
The Griddle in Winnemcuca, NV is the original, they also have Griddle's in Meridian and Eagle, Idaho.
(we have lots of Friday Friend cookers)

Raspberry Crepes....YUM!

This isn't my son, but his friend, Mike... getting ready to eat the crepes.
(they were really good)
Dustin, my son, refused to be photographed. He doesn't want to be blogged about.

Again....Happy Day everyone!


Mary at My New 30 said...

Hey I TOTALLY get it! (and I vote for margarita, but that's just me) Have a GREAT Day! :)

Mary said...

No need to feel guilty...he's not your father :-).

Karen said...

Haha... funny. I'd have gone with the men b/c I love to shoot at cans and bottles. Raining here today, too. The crepes look good and go ahead and make that a margarita!

Mary said...

I totally understand..I am so super thrilled when I am alone too! Happy Father's Day to him...those crepes look great.

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