Tuesday, November 10, 2009

One more thought

One more thought this afternoon..... I am supposed to be working, but have been drooling over (on the internet)  the Pioneer Woman's cookbook "The Pioneer Woman Cooks" (I am going to put it on my Christmas list--if I can wait that long).

I am noticing Charlie, Ree's Bassett Hound. I notice that Charlie actually "cooperates" when Ree photographs him.
This causes me some frustration, because, I too, have a Bassett Hound named, Monroe.

Monroe, for some reason, is adverse to having his picture taken. He won't look at me if I have the camera out. He runs away.

In Ree's book, Charlie sits with a cowboy hat on.
Hmmmmm..... Monroe would assume it was edible and try to eat it.
My 2-year old granddaugther is here from Virginia, and  he is in heaven.  He is finding many good morsels under the dinner table when we are thru eating every night.

Poor old Monroe, he will never help me get a cookbook published.....

(but look at him... he's an old man. We still love him tho)


Karen said...

Haha... isn't that funny that he won't look at you when you have a camera! Dogs... they're like people!

girlichef said...

Aw!! Monroe is so handsome :) I know, how does she do it? She has magical powers, I'm sure of it! I really want the book, too.

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