Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I'm not worthy

I just wanted to share a little bit....
This is my favorite Sister in law  (one of them, anyway),  Meghan.
She is making the Jalapeno Poppers that I made for New Years Eve.  (which I got out of the PW's cookbook).

She said I could use the pic.....but just let everyone know she only uses those gloves for cooking.
And then, she said this:
you may have new fans on your blog page, as I told them to go there for that recipe and other greats...

OMG...I am  embarrassed, because she can out-cook me anytime.  She can cook me under the table. She can "up" me one, on any meal.    She is a great cook...she is the "family" cook!  She is the one we all take advantage of for any party, anniversary, or holiday.
She makes recipes her own, while I just follow along and make what everyone else is.
See what she did to the poppers?
I tweeked a little and used a little ricotta and quattro formaggio for filling as I am not a huge cream cheese fan, and it was still very good

I am not creative enough to do that. I just like to cook and take pictures and blab about myself.

Anyway....may I present my sister-in-law, the BEST cook in the family......

she said:
look at the yellow package (behind my wine glass) WRAPPLES...Devin made carmel apples (check stove behind me) was Kitty's birthday.

Devin is my 7-year old niece.  And Kitty is the cat, whom....well they refuse to believe they own a cat, but I've known kitty for quite a few years.  Kitty is well-fed, well taken care of....but Kitty is a free an idependant soul, who showed up at their house a few years ago and they are all under the false impression  that Kitty is not theirs.
I love that  Devin made carmeled apples for Kitty's birthday!


Karen said...

Haha... cute that Meghan made caramel apples for Kitty. I disagree with you - I think you're a wonderful cook and very creative! And I like that you blab about yourself (LOL) You write very interesting blog posts!

Anonymous said...

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