Monday, February 8, 2010

Nuts or no nuts?

I have bananas sitting in a bowl on my kitchen counter,  getting older by the minute.....

I have company coming on Wednesday......not company, but family... The Twins!  oh, and their parents. 
That is if they can make it out of Hartford, CT on Wednesday morning, and then out of  Chicago mid-morning, which is highly unlikely, because blizzrd #2 is headed that way.   It's a "nor-easter" or however you say it.  I don't know, because we only have... well, we dont' have big storms in Nevada.  
I know my kids are stressed.  They are coming for a weekend wedding and, well..... considering the weather and two babies with colds, stress is a given.
But, I'm very excited!!

Back to my bananas.   Should I make  banana bread?  Banana cake?  Banana pudding?

Truth be told, I'm leaning towards banana bread..... (great breakfast bread to just "have" when you have extra people in the house, right?)    but now the question is...... nuts or no nuts?

In your banana bread?   Nuts or no nuts?


Karen said...

Yup, banana bread is a great choice to have when company visits - oops, I mean family ;) We go nuts. Walnuts, but I have to chop them small so they don't get caught in someone's teeth. LOL

Lynda said...

Banana bread is a great anytime of day treat, especially with nuts. :)
Have fun with those babies, if they do get to come!

HoneyB said...

Definitely nuts! :)

MM said...

I say nuts! But the little person in my life doesn't like nuts in baked items so I usually skip them.

Anonymous said...

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