Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Outdoor Wednesday

The Handyman  loves to head out into the Nevada Desert and see what he can find.
We went looking for Daveytown last week.

This is what we found.
Daveytown plus the old Jumbo mine.

Hard to believe that once they were bursting and bustling with people.

Old mines scare me -- they creep me out -- and they intrigue me.
There are hundreds of old mine shafts in the hills of Nevada.
A person could fall down there never to be seen again.

This one below, we just came across while driving old back roads in the hills.
At least it has a scaffolding or whatever you call it above the mine shaft.
But down there?  In the middle of that lumber? 
There is a hole that's been dynamited out and it goes on and on and on.

Nevada has gold.
But it always makes me wonder, how and why some random wild-west pioneer chose to dynamite a section of hill so far removed from anywhere.
Well, I guess it was all very far removed at one time.
But up in them thar hills?
That is the answer.

 Some pics of Daveytown -- or what's left of it.

 I just thought the windmill was cool.

And then we came upon the old Jumbo mine.
And we had a picnic.

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