Tuesday, February 24, 2015

This and That (in the evening)

A few months ago, while cleaning out some tubs in a closet, I came across some journals of my son's from when he was in elementary school. One evening he decided to read from his own journals.

It was -- hysterical!  His delivery!  His pacing.  His emotion.  Was --Hysterical!
We all had a great laugh listening to a 31 year old read from his 9 year old point of view.

Let me share a few entries from his journal -- but first, imagine yourself at open mike night in a trendy bar, lounge, tavern...
....why?  because just last week I found this great podcast, which I listened to and laughed and laughed.  I loved it. 

We’re looking for book reports, embarrassing poetry, screenplays, diary entries, letters from camp, and anything else your weird and wonderful younger mind came up with. Since 2007, Grownups Read Things They Wrote as Kids has invited brave adults to read their childhood and teenage writing… out loud in front of an audience.

 I tried to talk my son into letting me video him reading tonight, but he wasn't about to let me. 
I think he would by just as funny as anyone at the actual events..
But maybe that's just the mother in me.
He made sure all of our phones were in plain sight and off, before he would humored me and read again tonight.

1st grade:
I wish I were invisible. If I were invisible I'd kick someone in the balls.
(he learned potty mouth early -- he has a big brother)

A sound I don't like is yelling.  I'm sorry I spilled the milk.
(okay, I have HUGE mother guilt over this journal entry)

4th grade:
Well, I don't really have an exciting life, but it's really funny.
When I was seven, I wanted to be a comedian, so every book order that came I ordered joke books.
(he's still funny)

I would go back and stop the assassination of President Kennedy.  If I miss the first time, I would keep trying.
(um... he had this before Stephen King in  11-22-63 !!)

I don't have anything that is passed down to me. Not a thing.  Nothing at all. Nothing is passed down to me.
(he had his brothers clothes!  He has been bugging me about an antique pickle server that was his grandmothers -- I have put his name on it)

This just puts a smile on my face!  He dedicated it to  "all the detectives"
I like how one guy has a curly mustache.

I bet my other two sons are scramblin', trying to find their journals and hide them!
Too late, I've already got the stuff I need.

Anyway, it's a great podcast if you are into podcasts at all.

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