Friday, November 18, 2016

Book Blogger Hop

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This week's question is:

Would you take a book with you when you go to your family's Thanksgiving gathering/dinner?

My answer is:
Of course I'd take one!  But I probably wouldn't read it.
I always have a book with me--just in case.
I'd only read it if the trip was an overnight one.  If we just went for the day, I would not, but I'd feel safe knowing I had one in my purse -- just in case.

Most of the time I'm the one doing the cooking, and later in the day, there is no time to read, there are board games to play, or a walk to take, or a football game to watch.


Kitty Maschan said...

I think many of us bookish folks carry a book with us everywhere, even if we know we won't be able to read it. For me, it just provides a bit of security that if I need it, it's there :) Happy Thanksgiving!

Katherine P said...

We host Thanksgiving for my husband's family every year and then there's definitely not time to read and when we go to Thanksgiving at my mother's I end up having to help and then there's the whole visiting thing that is required! I do always look forward to settling into a book after the madness is through!

Tina said...

Always have a book - you never know! I wish I could go back to cooking on the holiday but we go to my in-laws.

Stefanie Ng said...

I would bring my knitting but this Thanksgiving I won't as we're going out to dinner for the first time with my fraternity brother and his family.

Elizabeth said...

I always have a book with me and my family understands my passion, but I know it is rude to take it out even though I am so tempted. :)

Great to see you joined in the fun this week.

ENJOY your Thanksgiving week and Thanksgiving Day.

Happy Hopping!!

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Literary Feline said...

And see for me, as soon as the football game comes on, out my book comes. LOL

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