Saturday, November 19, 2016

Non-Fiction November FAIL-- kind of

I have failed this year keeping up with Nonfiction November posts.
I was feeling a bit bummed about it, because I really do love to connect with others thru memes/challenges and events, and I really love non-fiction.  I like to find out what's trending and what everyone is recommending  this year.
So yes, I was a bit bummed--until I went to see an author at the library this afternoon.
You might be thinking, yeah, so what, you saw an author. But we live in rural Nevada.
Rural.  Nothing around for miles and miles.  It's not an easy sell for an author.    TJ Stiles is a Pulitzer Prize wining author of nonfiction!  Pulitzer Prize!!  Winnemucca scored!
I had not read his books before today, but was excited to see  him and hear his book talk.
Guess what?
He was such a great speaker and was so interesting to listen to!   He's written  three books and I bought all three.  In fact, our little town bought ALL of the books he brought.  We cleaned him out.
He was just so thoroughly enjoyable.
So I was feeling good--I was able to attend a speaking engagement by a non-fiction author this month and purchase his books to read.

While I was visiting with him as he was  signing my books, I mentioned that it was Non-fiction November and he said  "you have a blog?"  I said that I did.
You all know that I don't identify with being a 'book blogger' right?  I'm just someone who  has a blog and LOVES books.
But today--I was so happy to be included and be a  part of the book blogging world!

So even tho I am failing at the proper way to participate in Nonfiction November, I just feel I scored big!

Off to go read some Non-Fiction!!


bermudaonion said...

Author events are so much fun! I'm glad Stiles was a hit!

Literary Feline said...

How exciting! I am glad you were able to go and that you had such a great time. I hope you enjoy his books as well!

I've done terribly with my challenges this year. Next year I think I will avoid them all. We will see how that works out for me. LOL

JoAnn said...

How great is that!!?? I've embraced Nonfiction November this year. For the first time, I'm reading only nonfiction all month. I'm off to investigate Stiles' books now...

Stefanie Ng said...

Glad you had a good time and it's cool how he came out to your area. How wonderful he must have felt when your town bought out his books!

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