Friday, June 23, 2017

Friday Friend Recipe #141 -- Chocolate Chip Cookies (#19 in the Chocolate Chip Cookie Countdown)

I used this coffee cup in honor of Barb, our much-loved, unanimously titled Spelling Nazi.

My Friday Friend Cookbook Countdown #141!
(and #19 in the Chocolate Chip Cookie Countdown)

Barb's Chocolate Chip  Cookies

and you know all the whys and wherefores of this countdown, right? Homemade cookbook, friends contributed, Handyman said I couldn't/wouldn't do it, I'll show him, yadda yadda yadda....
...and the rest is cookbook history!

Ucan't raellly go wring weth a chocalite chip cookie.
Btu thees cookees our relly relly gudd. 
Very mouest and sfot. N theyy saty frish along tme.
thhe pudin jsut giivs n xtra pucnch ta tehm.

Whew! That was so hard.  It's hard to spell wrong on purpose!

I really did use this coffee cup for this post-- I do love it!  I might spell things wrong once in a while, but I do notice, the to, too and two's that are wrong...also the they're, there and their's.
And I have a quirky idiosyncrasy when it comes to grammar.
If someone writes --I have a friend that loves ice-cream ---
THAT SCREAMS OUT TO ME!!  A friend is a person...a person not an intimate object, so please say,  "I have a friend who loves ice-cream. "
Thank you very much.

Other than that small idiosyncrasy spelling mistakes don't bother me at all, but for my good friend Barb? Well, she takes her spelling seriously. Very seriously.

This must be why I don't Barb----

This is Barb's 31st appearance in the Friday Friend Cookbook  Countdown--you can check them all out by clicking on this link!
I don't really have a funny story this time, but we did get to meet up with Barb and  Doug in Arizona last month, when we went to the Grand Canyon, so that was FUN!  It had been a while since we've seen them, let alone gotten together with them.  It was just an evening for dinner, but we have high hopes to catch up again soon.

We did take a couple pictures of all of us

If I leave this one smaller, I look smaller, right?

We did get together with Barb about 10 days later. She came thru and stayed a couple of nights with us on her way to Washington State, where she stays at her son's beach house for a couple of months.  Doug flies up for a few weeks in the middle.
Ahhhh.....sounds good!
Seriously....her biggest decision this week (she posted on Facebook this morning) is  what coffee cup to use

I voted for Jake the Alligator Man!  and that one dolphin cup in the middle is the runner up.
Coffee and books on a beach chair!  You go Barb!

That's recipe #141!
Only 153 to go!


Stefanie Ng said...

Ooh! The killer whale mug is my favorite. I vote for that. The cookie look good. Does the pudding change the taste a bit or does something to the texture of the dough?

bermudaonion said...

I could use one of those cookies right about now!

I'm with you on who! It also bugs me when someone uses the superlative when they should use the comparative - if you have 2 children, they're older and younger, not oldest and youngest.

Karen said...

Haha... this is a great post!

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