Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Friday Friend Button

I have a button!! A link.
Courtesy of my friend and neighbor, Karen, of Karen Cooks.

We say neighbor because we are only 8-9 hour away from each other and out here in the west, that is pretty darn close.

I liked Karen's new button (check my sidebar...check her site.....grab her link), and commented on it and the next morning was I surprised to find a few "buttons" for me to choose from in an e-mail.

The Friday Friends are a group of my old, new, dear friends from far and near, so I took a quick vote and we went with the "cracked eggs" button, because Barb said we are all a bunch of cracked eggs.
And we are.....

Thank you Karen!!
I thank you, and all the "cracked eggs" in the Friday Friend Forum thank you.

Now....grab a link, mine and Karen's.

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