Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I've been drinking

Not really.....that's not why I've been missing in action....although we did clean out our liquor cabinet. see!
It's very sad....we really don't drink all that much, but we have every alcohol imaginable, just in case!

The booze on the computer desk. It was the closest thing for him to place the bottles on. LOL

My husband was helping me clean the pantry and the alcohol is on the top shelf. We tried to get rid of some... and NO, not by drinking it up. By combining and throwing out the old.

I was gone because I was...transitioning. LOL My middle son moved back to Virginia. It was a complicated week for me.
Now I have four boys in all kinds of places.
We live in Nevada
Oldest son in Washington State
2nd son in Arizona
3rd in Virginia or Nevada (depending)
4th son in Connecticut.

I like to travel, but.....

I'll be back with a recipe tomorrow.
Shrimp and Spanish Rice. An easy one.


Donna-FFW said...

Looking forward to your recipe. If you ever need help with the drinks, let me know. Can't imagine how busy you must have been all week..

Terri said...

I relate. I now live in Arkansas. My oldest son lives in Reno, my youngest son lives in Savannah, GA. Plus three grandkids for each. It's hard. I miss them all the time.

Want to have a few shots of Tequila with me?

Karen said...

Break out that tequila and I'll be right over to make some killer margaritas :) I know how it is to have your kids so far away. Damn kids... why can't they stay put anyway???

Jolina said...

Geez, Debbie, how do you keep up with all those blogs? You are amazing. Your son moved away!! Is that a good thing?

The Blonde Duck said...

Oh wow! It looks like you've been all over the place!

HoneyB said...

LOL, oh my, your are JUST like me!

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