Sunday, January 10, 2010

An Old Favorite?

Just the other day, I received a post from a blog I get via e-mail, called "Simply Recipes".
Elise Bauer is the blog author and her site has wonderful recipes for the home-cook.
Her blog has even won an award or two. I suggest you check it out, if you are not familiar with it already.

She had a simply post that day.....about "cinnamon toast".
Yes, Cinnamon Toast.
The simplest thing on the planet, right? But try "googling" it.... there are tons of sights on Cinnamon toast. Opinions, stories, memories. On Cinnamon toast.
Elise's post made me hungry for it, so I made it this morning for breakfast.
2 pieces of cinnamon toast and a cup of coffee with peppermint mocha creamer (which will soon be gone until the next holiday season. love those seasonal coffee creamers!).
I bought "Cracked Wheat" bread. The Handyman didn't have any cinnamon toast this morning, because he said it is only good made with "white bread".

Some Cinnamon Toast Tips I got off the internet:

Cinnamon Toast Tips
Vietnamese or Saigon cinnamon is considered the "best" cinnamon.
Try different types of bread for different flavors.
You can use brown sugar with or instead of granulated sugar.
You can make and store your own cinnamon sugar.
Cinnamon sugar butter is easy to make and will store for three weeks.

What You'll Need
In order to make cinnamon toast you will need some type of toasting device. This can be a toaster, a toaster oven or a broiler. You will also need the following ingredients:
Cinnamon: Any variety will suffice.
Sugar: Can be granulated or powdered.
Butter or Margarine: Any type of salted or unsalted butter or margarine will do
Bread: White bread is the traditional choice. However, whole wheat or French bread are also good options.

Because I was curious, I posed a question to my "Friday Friends". Those friends that I have an e-mail forum with (for, because of... ???) (and whom my blog is named in honor of...)

I just sent out a quick e-mail and asked:
Cinnamon Toast!
are you a fan or not?

So, I'm posing the question to you too....
Cinnamon Toast
are you a fan? Or not?

here is what the Friday Friends said ( I figure they need a little billing sometime..... so, here they are, on cinnamon toast.
(Last names and cities of residence omitted for privacy reasons ~grins~)
It seems that Friday Friends, overwhelmingly love Cinnamon Toast... with a few exceptions.
without further ado, here they are...The Friday Friends!

from Tomi: Love it!

from Barbara: Wow---haven't had it in ages. Now I want some!

from Gina: Yes, I love it. It was always a special treat when I was growing up. I haven't had it in years.

from Meghan: fan. I especially love it when I make it on fat cinnamon swirl bread.
Devin, YOUR niece, likes it with butter...then peanut butter...then cin/sugar on top. one time I left off the butter, thinking she wouldn't miss it...guess what? she did!

from Theresa: Like toast with cinnamon and sugar on it? Yes

from Kate: Love it! - assuming you are talking about cinnamon mixed with sugar sprinkled on a warm piece of toast with melted butter! Yum yum!

from Emmie:oh yes.syrup,peanut butter,nothing better.

from Susie: Yum...Yum....Yum

from Theda: I can't imagine that anyone would say no. Although my soon to be ex-sister in law once told me that she gives it when the kids are sick. I would be sick every day!! I just about made it this am, but decided to use pear butter instead.

from Stacy: Have to be in the mood for it. But now that u mentioned it sounds good to me.

from Jennifer: OHHHHHH YEAH!!!!!!! (I think I'm hungry....)

from Heather: Love it! The girls and I eat it a couple of times a week for breakfast, sometimes even a snack.

from Sadie: no I'm not a fan at all.

from Bev: YES

from Traci: It's breakfast about 4 times a week!

from Sally: Yeah! I wish you mentioned it sooner. I just had a piece of banana bread.

from Ashley: I love cinnamon toast - it reminds me of my dad...but what kind is better with cinnamon toast made with sugar or powdered sugar?

from Lisa: not too much........

from Darleen: Yes I am.

from Diana: Fan

from Linda: Big fan.

from Shelly: Occasionally...My kids used to love it.

from me/debbie:
So....are you a fan?


Troy said...

I Love Cinnamon Toast!!!

HoneyB said...

I love it! I do make it different than you have made it here though. I was taught to butter the bread before toasting, then sprinkile the cinnamon sugar mixture on and then put it under the broiler until bubbly and browned on the top. This cooks the sugar and butter and gives that crunchy caramel taste to it. OH so good!

Karen said...

I'm a fan! I used to keep a little plastic container with the sugar & cinnamon mixed up and ready to use. My daughter took it with her when she got married :)

Mary said...

This use to be our after-school snack when I was a child.

teresa said...

i used to have this for breakfast every morning when i was younger. i will have to revisit this delicious treat!

Donna-FFW said...

I am a huge fan of cinnamon toast. My kids too!!

Valerie said...

I love it! I usually don't eat it for breakfast though. For me, it's a sweet snack.

Ingrid said...

YES...most definitely!

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