Saturday, January 9, 2010

Project 365 and another resolution

I'm going to do Project 365....but don't expect great things.

Project 365 is a "Picture a day" project, which many bloggers do. It's fun to see what people take pics of.

I already do many of the things it (project 365) suggests....
I take my camera everywhere...EVERYWHERE.

But I'm not so sure that my photography will get better by years end.

But I do love a good this should be fun.

Another "New Year's Resolution" that I'm going to work on this year, because of a suggestion by my daughter in law, Sadie, is to have people over and play a game a week from my game closet. YES, I probably have close to 50 games and can do one a week. But a lot of them are....not very good.

The idea is in addition to playing a game, the company and the Handyman get to vote on the game and decide if it is a "keeper" or not.
Take for instance, Planet Hollywood. Although, I love this game, no one else in my family does.

I have agreed to this...a deal is a deal, so poor "Planet Hollywood, the game" is out the door. Everyone voted it out!!

I am excited tho, about having friends over every Saturday, or at least 2x a month to eat and play board games. I will document our evenings here in my blog.

Who came

What we ate

What we drank

What game we played

On Southern Plate,

a blog I enjoy, Christy has a "hostess book" where she documents her dinners with company. Like a guest book....with guests writing their names down and She documents all food, and goings on for the evening.
It sounds like a good idea to me. I will need a pretty guest book/hostess book. For now, I have this school journal.

So far this year, 2010, we played:

1/2/10--We bought take and bake pizzas and breadsticks
Cheesecake and left over Christmas cookies for dessert
Apples to Apples--voted a keeper.

present: Rich, Debbie, Mark, Sadie AND our voting company, The Mavitys: Mike, Theresa, Macie, Makenna and Max.

1/3/10--Subway sandwiches for Mark and Sadie, leftover breadsticks and marinara sauce for Rich and Debbie.

Phase 10 ---voted a keeper.

present: Rich, Debbie, Mark and Sadie were present. Sadie won.
Planet Hollywood --voted out by everyone but Debbie!
Team #1 Dustin and Sadie
Team #2 Rich, Debbie and Mark

1/7/10--we had popcorn.

In a Pickle--voted out by everyone but Debbie (I find it hard to get rid of board games and cookbooks.  And some of the board games have won awards....not that that matters to my family. Maybe my friends will be more forgiving.)

Finish Lines--voted a keeper. We all love it.

And that's as far as we've gotten on our game cupboard resolution.
I will keep you updated on this.... we're going to come to some really old games during the year.

This isn't a very good start to Project 365 (or perhaps it is.....perhaps it's all about family and friends and enjoying each others company), but this post is going to be my first week's round-up (I got a late start...)

I will leave you with this.....
the marquee. Where I work, we rent the marquee for people to put up events and messages, etc.

I have the nicest man, who changes the sign for me, but he doesn't read English very well.... I am always sure to type it out for him, so he doesn't get confused by my handwriting.
But, sometimes he still gets confused.

Al? All?

We left the sign up as it was... we thought wishing Al Happy Holidays was a good thing!


justjoycee said...

I also take my camera with me at all times....365 is a good idea, and the game idea too....

Karen said...

Haha... I hope Al had a happy holiday! Wow, you've been busy so far this year! I thought about doing the Proj 365, but when I commit myself to something like that it feels more like work than fun and I don't do it. Weird. LOL

Mary said...

I'm sure Al was thrilled :-). Have a great day.

HoneyB said...

My oldest son and his wife have Saturday night get togethers where they play board games. I think it is great to do this in the day of video games!

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