Sunday, January 17, 2010

Project 365

I am having a blog crisis.... I think it's kind of like a mid-life crisis, but only in my blogging life.

Where am I going? What am I doing? Why did I begin this blog?
What direction am I going to go in?
I guess I'm questioning myself because I have a couple of posts that have nothing at all to do with cooking or food. Well........If truth be told, I guess everything in my life revolves around food. ~grins~

This post is a recap of my Project 365. As I said before...Don't expect great things from my photography. It's not very good. And it's funny....because while I do take my camera almost everywhere I go, when it comes to a "must" (as in I must take one picture a day), I find it hard to find anything to photograph.

I live in a small town.... in the middle of the Northern Nevada Desert. We have no great architecture, no great tourist sights..... I'm going to be in trouble now, because I work for the Chamber of Commerce and it's my job to tell people how great Winnemucca is... and IT IS, it's just that when you are accustom to it, it seems a little lackluster for this project.

Maybe I'll have fun finding different things to take pictures of.
Kind of like my mom telling me, when I was a kid, to look for the positive. Marilyn Monore, who said she could find something sexy in EVERY man she ever met.
I, too, as we go forward, hope to  find greater and more interesting things to take pictures of!

My life, my world, Project 365.
Jan 10th thru Jan 17th.
Sunday.... at church

(sigh) okay 2 from Sunday...
what was waiting for me when I got home from church
A Bloody Mary!
(and a dusty candle holder...DON'T LOOK!)

Monday Morning sunrise
I sometimes think sunrises are prettier than sunsets.
But it was cold outside  (I was in my  jammies--I was in my own backyard)

Tuesday the hills behind our neighborhood were dusted with snow.

our slot machine in the garage
(I won't let the handyman have it inside the house. 
I'm bad)
Rich has wanted a slot machine for a long, long time.  We live in Nevada, so it seemed like an easy thing to do.  But we had to have a background check  by the state department of gaming and sign our lives away that we would not use it for "gambling".  Hmmmm......
Our 3 sons were home at Christmas time and this slot machine was the hit of the holiday, which seems weird to's not as if they can actually hit the jack pot or anything.  One would never know that tho..
(oh and technically it's a video poker machine)

An apple left on the tree from last fall.
The birds have been busy.

and the cat is on the lookout for the birds too!
She can't wait for spring.

The birds are returning...
(actually, these Quail never really leave.)
I took this picture from my kitchen window.
Since I spend so much time in the kitchen, its fun for me to see what goes on, just outside my "Kitchen Window"
(hopefully the smudge was on my camera lens and not my kitchen window... I'll have to go check it out)

Our dry cleaners.
You might be wondering why, I took this....
....I wanted you to see the proximety to the shoe store next to us.
on Friday, a man walked into the cleaners and asked Rich,  "do you know anywhere in town they sell leather slippers or mocasins or slip on's?"
Rich said..."maybe at the shoe store right next door"
It made me laugh.

For a view of some  other GREAT project 365 pictures, take a look at "Elle's New England Kitchen"
They are really, really good.
Shelby at  "Grumpy's Honeybunch" is doing the project too.  You can check our her website here.


Diane {} said...

If you get desperate for photos how about, the smallest detail instead of a "whole photo" like 1 leaf, a cats paw, an apple :) mmm...the Bloody Mary looks good!

teresa said...

fun pictures! it's always great to get a glimpse into a bloggy friend's life!

Karen said...

These are great pictures! I wish we had quail up here... they're fun to watch and I miss them. I didn't know you had a dry cleaning business!

Ingrid said...

LOL, what did the guys say after your hubby told him the shoe store was RIGHT NEXT DOOR?

Mary said...

I had a great time paging through your post. The Bloody Mary looked terrific.

Katy ~ said...

Debbie, I feel the same way about my little city, grins. We are a city, struggling financially for many years now. Many businesses have left as well as many of the old timers who made up the character and fabric here. Yet with my little camera I am training my eye to see things in a new way, perhaps not always a whole scene, but little snipets that say, hey, will you just look at that! I bet if I visited your city I could find a gadzillion things that were new and exciting. Love the pix of the bloody Mary. And the kitty, of course!

Jolina said...

Great pictures - I really miss you.

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