Thursday, July 8, 2010

Booking Through Thursday

So, I guess I am a bookworm. A cooking, gardening, walking, board-game playing bookworm. Those are the things I like to do. I like to "entertain too", you know---have friends over for dinners and bbq's. (where I can cook for them, play games and discuss what we've read, while they stroll around my back yard and say, this looks lovely --for the desert. ) I just need money. Books cost money, food costs money, plants cost money, walking shoes cost money.... and I don't want to work. I just want to do all those things. Maybe that's what heaven will be like for me.

Enough meandering..... back to me being a bookworm and the "Booking Through Thursday" Question... which is:
Do you have friends and family to share books with? Discuss them with? Does it matter to you?

Well, yes I do! Friends mostly-- that is why I'm in so many bookclubs, to talk about books I've/we've read. But I know that I out "bookworm" any of them. They can read and talk and drink some wine and we have a really good time, but I don't think they "love" books like I do. I don't think any of them can spend hours and hours and hours in a bookstore, leave that book store and see another one across the street and go right back in to one (for hours and hours and hours). None of my friends have the amount of books I have in their homes ( and I sold 300 of mine last year for the breast cancer walk!)

So, yes I can talk to my friends. And it does matter to me.  I love talking books. Although, I do have friends who don't read, and that's okay too, we'll find tons of other stuff to talk about, but I would miss it if I didn't have any friends to talk books with.

Family. Now..... there are readers and non-readers. My DIL is a huge reader...she might overcome me by how many books we own, SOON. She's catching up fast (see her book blog here--she's a much better book reviewer than I am), but we are probably the only 2 bookworms in the family.  Except Maybe my dad.  There are others who read, but they are not "bookworms".

In fact....this past weekend, 2 of my relatives said something funny to me.... an aunt--got a new Sony E-Reader and told me that she was running out of room for books. (wait till she comes to my house! I decorate with book piles) and a sister in law, who said she loves to read, but doesn't have the time. (I'm guessing she probably doesn't really LOVE to read)

I too, thank heavens for the Internet and book bloggers (as well as food bloggers and garden bloggers). It's just a whole new level of "love" for your passion, be it books, food,whatever.


bermudaonion said...

I come from a family of readers and my sister has at least as many books as I do.

Anonymous said...

I've been wanting to join an online book club so that I'd have someone to discuss books with.

Love your blog!

You can read my answer HERE

Amanda Moore (Moorebloglife) said...

So far I have not read any response that says "NO" I don't discuss or share what I am reading I think books fill us with so many ideas we have to share them. I too agree I am grateful for internet/blogging friends that I can share with.
Enjoy your BTT.

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