Wednesday, November 17, 2010

At the end of the day.....

One can never belong to too many book clubs.  It's sometimes hard to keep up tho...I do my best, but today was a 2 book club day!  I can't give them up, I love them too much.

Today, we met for the Literary Guild Luncheon.  The Literary Guild is the oldest club in Winnemucca (my little town) and  my friends and I are the youngest members.  We are all right around 50, but we are known as the "young ones".    Most everyone is older...and that's kind of fun too, to be able to  visit and get to know some of the older community members.   A sad note is that  in the 10 years which I've been a member, we've  lost some. (as in they have passed away) They were well into their 80's+.
It used to be this was a very high fluting club meeting.  One dressed and wore hats and gloves, etc.   It has changed very much over the course of the years.
Today I wore my jeans.

For these monthly meetings  (only 9 a year...they go dark in the summer months) we meet at the same restaurant, a Basque restaurant called  The Martin Hotel.  They've been meeting at the Martin Hotel for well over 50  years.
We don't all read the same book (except in May), but rather, we listen to a "book talk" or "book report" given by one of our members.

Today's book talk was on the Hunger Games Trilogy.   I loved these books, but beside myself and Doris, who was giving the report, no one had read them.  I can understand that....this great YA read was probably not on their radar.

I always love these lunches.

It looks like her friends fell asleep while she was giving her book report...
...not so!  It's the photographers fault. 

Then tonight was  my Totally Lit(erature) meeting!  It was a small group tonight, just 6 of us.   We have about 16 girls in the group, but I don't think we've ever all been  together at the same time.   We discussed  "The Hotel on the corner of Bitter and Sweet", which we all enjoyed.

I say often,  I am not a book critic, nor do I review books.  I just love books. This one was a quick, easy, but very interesting and thought provoking read.  We discussed  the relationship between fathers and sons, the way immigrants are treated  in the United States.  How complicated a subject that can be.
And also first loves and our own ancestry.
We enjoyed wine and a great pumpkin dessert.  And most of all, a great discussion on a good book!
I love my book clubs. (sigh)

Tonight?  As I said, there were just  a few of us.  And a cat to sit on our laps.

In September we met at the Stonehouse, which is a Bed and Breakfast about 30 miles out in the country, where we had supper and some of us enjoyed wine, others were designated drivers.  I guess out of 13 of us, only 3 were designated...all others partook of the wine. 

In December, we'll have our annual, "white elephant" book exchange as well as a book discussion. We all have to bring a wrapped book that we already own to use for the gift exchange.  We figure we all have enough stuff and we all love books and maybe there is one we have been wanting to we already own.  It's a stress-free gift exchange!

In January we are going to have our first: Miss Hot dish meeting....where we all bring a "hot dish" to share and we will elect a queen! She will be Miss Hot Dish for a whole year!  It's our fancy way of saying Potluck.

I feel like a broken record, saying how much I enjoy my time at book club(s)  (wait till Saturday, when I do this all again)

At the Stonehouse 

Good Night!! 


Mary at Deep South Dish said...

I could never manage one, I honestly don't know how you do it, but the friendship must be wonderful!

bermudaonion said...

What fun! I need to join a group where everyone would call me young!

Karen said...

Do you like to belong to book clubs? ;)

Margot said...

You are book club rich. I enjoyed your tale and the pictures. I just joined the Christmas Spirit Challenge and your name was right above mine. I'm also doing the Thanksgiving weekend challenge. See you at those events.

~Jess said...

I seriously would love to move out by you guys, just for the book clubs and food!

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