Monday, November 15, 2010

Humble Pie

Humble's not easy to eat.  But a couple of times this past week, I have had to do just that.
To backtrack a bit, I am not a FOOD blogger.  Well, I am, but I am not a professional cook, baker, entertainer. I have no plans to make a cookbook, nor go on our local TV station with a cooking segment (we don't have a local TV station--sigh)  I just like to cook and take pictures and write about what I make and write silly stuff.  I think that describes 95% of most "food" bloggers.  At least I hope it does.  I hope some of you can relate to me, in eating the humble pie.  Or if not in eating the humble pie, at least in a couple of cooking disasters.

Let me explain.....  last week,  Ms enPlace  tagged me with some questions. 

#6 was this:
6. What was your worst kitchen disaster?

My answer was this:
Hmmmm.....I haven't really had a bad one. I've put things in the oven and forgotten to turn it on. Actually at my house it's a disaster to have a baked potato which is still hard in the middle. It has happened often thru-out the years.

Since I answered that in such a superior tone, I've had 2, TWO cooking disasters!   And I'm going to be brave enough to show them to you.  I told you:  Humble Pie. 

What makes it worse for me is that I used two new ( to my cookbook countdown) cookbooks, and now  I don't know if I should or shouldn't "count them down".    Is it okay to use a recipe that was a DISASTER,  just to be able to cross them off the list?   I know for certain that I can't  post them for Cookbook Sundays  (which was my reason for making them in the 1st place)
To  make up for my snobby answer, I've made Ms. enPlace's  Blondies.  YUM!!!   I'll post about them later in the week.
Anyway.... my disasters:
Apple Cake
( from a church cookbook. And it was my own church.  I know this lady and she's a great cook!!  I should have known the 2 T. baking soda was a typo!! )
Pizza by the Yard
(6 inches from the broiler really does mean 6 inches from the broiler)

Coming up soon:
Coffee Espresso Blondies
Cherry Coffee Cake
both of my book clubs meet this week!
oh..and a beer tasting party coming up.

and next week?
I'm going to meet a friend in Vegas.
(more about this later)


Shelby said...

lol, I love this post! When you talk about forgetting to turn the oven on I really laugh...I always forget to turn it off and have had to drive all the way back home after thinking about it. Just did that very thing on Sunday!

Brenda said...

The pizza picture made me laugh out loud for real. Awesome! You're going to Vegas? Cool! (Tee hee, giggle, giggle).

bermudaonion said...

It's happened to every one of us.

MM said...

Debbie-you are so darn funny!

For the record, your answer didn't sound superior to me. Just honest.

Yesterday I made a sweet potato dish to post tomorrow. I ended up burning a good portion of the onions I was roasting--the only red onion in the house. Then I burned...I mean over-toasted the hamburger buns last night.

If that doesn't cheer you up, I'm about to go say nice things about you at Brenda's Canadian Kitchen

Karen said...

Those 'disasters' aren't so bad... we'd still eat them at our house. I wish I was going to Vegas, too!

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