Friday, May 6, 2011


I just lost a coffee taste test with the Handyman.    I swear that Dunkin'  Donuts coffee is THE BEST, but he is a Folgers (or whatever is less expensive) coffee man.  Right now in our house we have both DD and Folgers.
We get up at 5:00 to walk and we make the coffee before we leave the house.  If he is dressed and ready before I am he makes Folgers, and I make the DD if I am ready before him.
This morning he told me he made DD, but I knew...I KNEW it was Folgers, and he said it wasn't.  He is laughing at me.  (now after more than one taste I can tell it is DD, but it was right after our walk---he took me off guard).

Can you tell the difference in coffee's?  Just your home brew, I mean.

This is not exciting Friday Friend food talk!  (Or book  talk, for that matter)  But we are still under Kitchen construction and it will be a few weeks before we are done.  We are taking out the stove/oven and dishwasher this weekend, so truly---I won't be cooking.  Maybe  grilling some meat outside and having  salad from a bag, but nothing blog worthy.  About food, that is.  It might just have to be books and 'other stuff' for the next few weeks.
So, now all the bookworms are going  YAY!!  and the foodies are thinking,  "hmm, she's lost me.  (who cares what kind of coffee she likes)"

And probably no one (except my mother) will care about this:

I was thinking this morning while I was walking, how much I used to love to go to my grandparents house and look thru their old photo albums.  Memories saved and put lovingly into an album.   They only had about 7 photo albums, and these were not huge.  They only took one picture to commemorate an event or milestone in their lives---while I take 25-40 on my digital camera---and they were all  there in those photo albums.
We could see our family history in a glance.   Ahhhh, how I loved to look thru those old albums.

I have many  myself.  I have 100's of pictures in photo albums and photo boxes.  But....those photo albums stop about 8 years ago.  Then I have nothing.
Unless you look on my computer.
And there...I have hundreds more pictures stored.

I think it's funny, in an odd sort of way.    
My grown children have no photo albums in their homes at all.   One of my daughters in law does scrapbooking when she can find the chance, but I know she can't keep up like she'd like too  (and neither can most people).

Remember how we used to pull out our wallets or billfolds to show people the latest pictures of our kids?  Then for a while women had little photo books to carry in their purses?    Now, we whip out our phones and can show people many, many pictures of all kinds.

It's just funny how things change.

And that's the stuff I think about while we are walking at 5 in the morning.  Heavy stuff.
And then I have to go home and drink Folgers.    Ugh.


bermudaonion said...

It is funny how things change. I take lots of digital photos, but nothing replacing a really photo in my hands.

Karen said...

I love DD and can buy a bag at WM for $7.50. Last week at Sam's Club, they had 3 bags for $10.91, so I bought them. We usually only drink decaf, but I haven't seen decaf DD, but I don't care :) My gardener drinks Folger's decaf. I can taste the diff between Folger's and DD and I prefer DD.

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