Saturday, March 31, 2012

Winner! Winner!

I didn't get all caught up in the Mega-Lottery this past week  (winning numbers pulled last night at 8:00 PST), because the lottery is illegal in the state of Nevada.  Seems silly, doesn't it?   But the casinos have heavy duty lobbyists working with our law makers to make sure we don't get the lottery.
We have this instead:

As I said, I didn't get caught up in the excitement  (I didn't even know it was going on) until 2 of my sons, who live outside of Nevada called and told us the news.  That they held the winning ticket!

I have not heard from either of them this morning.  I guess they are still out celebrating.  I would be if I had just won  $640 million.   But you know, I would surely remember my parents.   

Seriously tho....I  didn't even know about this mega million lottery!  I must take my nose out of a book sometime and see what's happening around me.  I understand (from the Handyman) that there are winners!!   3 of them?
Congrats to them.  I guess.  Statistically, they'll be broke in 5 years.     YIKES!


bermudaonion said...

I went to coffee with women from our neighborhood yesterday and everyone but me was going to buy a ticket. I feel like the government gets enough of my money - I'm not giving them more!

Karen said...

I didn't buy one. Probably should have, I mean, *someone's* going to win and it might as well have been me! LOL I didn't realize there wasn't a lottery in NV.

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