Friday, July 20, 2012

Lit Wits Luau

Just before I left the house last night, I had this conversation with the Handyman...
HM:  So, I'll see you about 9:30 or 10?
ME:  oh yeah, I'll be home by then.

MIDNIGHT!!  That was the time I got home.
The Handyman was asleep, but had woke up about  11:00 (yes, we go to bed early usually )  and was a bit worried about me (but not enough to keep him from falling back to sleep).  He thought...I wonder if she's okay?  Yeah, she must be, she's just around the corner--and they're just talking about books.

Little did he know....  It was a LIT WITS LUAU!!

It was such a fun time at book club last night.  We discussed  "Night Road" by  Kristen Hannah.  A luau had nothing to do with the book.  But our host, Theresa,  just loves a good themed party (and does quite a good job I must say),  so off to the luau the Lit Wits went.  And....stayed....till....MIDNIGHT!!

I just love these ladies!  They are my best friends, who I only see once a month.  You know the kind.  We talk about everything.  Not a whole lot of secrets in this club.  We laugh a lot.  Young mothers to young grandmothers,  so we have a wide perspective when it comes to discussion:  on books, on life, on motherhood, on relationships.
And that's exactly the night we had last night... we talked about the book, (it got an OK for an easy summer read, not a GREAT but a GOOD rating from us),  life,  relationships, and parenting.

We enjoyed some pulled pork on Hawaiian rolls, shrimp salad, fruit, chips and some CUTE  Nutter butter Flip Flops placed on top of vanilla ice cream cups for dessert.

This book club  (I belong to 3) is the  Dinner and book club, so we always have dinner.
Yes!  Theresa made  a pineapple palm tree!!   (at my house,  you're lucky to get a candle as a centerpiece )

Shelly wore her coconut bra....

Over her shirt!  We tried to get her to  get more into the theme, if you will, but she was having none of that.

And then we discussed the book!   Drank wine.  Drank  Malibu rum and pineapple juice.   Did more discussing by candlelight.  What can I say?   It was midnight when I got home!
The Handyman just patted me and said,  "I'm glad you had a good time."

He's right.  I did.  I love my book clubs.


bermudaonion said...

That sounds like a blast!! I love the Nutter Butter flip flops!

Karen said...

Sounds like fun!

Pierce said...

Great times with good friends. That's awesome, Debbie.

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