Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Aviator's Wife, Book Club Lunch and World Book Night Pick up

I loved this book.  I knew virtually nothing about Charles Lindbergh before, except that he was the first to fly across the Atlantic and the baby kidnapping... and after reading this novel and researching  some facts about Lindbergh, I was flabbergasted! He did not come off in the best light---in his personal life.

I have such respect for Ann Morrow Lindbergh--what an amazing woman in her own right.  I realize it was a novel, but it was very enlightening and interesting. 

I am not a book reviewer by any means, so if you want a fair review,  read this one from Bermudaonion's blog.   I agree with everything she says.  Fact.  Everything.

As I said,  I loved it, and was  more than willing to share my opinion and suggest it to all my friends, so imagine how  surprised and pleased I was when I attended my  Lunch Book club (The Literary Guild)  the other day and saw that they were reporting on  "Gift from the Sea" by Ann Morrow Lindbergh. 
I was so  delighted---I had to raise my hand and share that I had just finished "The Aviator's Wife"  (nothing like taking over someone else's book report).  I thought it was a 'sign'.  Of what?  I don't know.   Okay, I jest...I don't know what it was a 'sign' of,  I just thought it a really odd, but nice coincidence. 

Here are my friends who gave the report on "Gift From the Sea"  (we meet in the back of an old Basque Boarding house/restaurant--not pretty, but the food is great)

They had some 'gifts from the sea' on the table.  My friend Jean, on the right, is a fellow  "World  Book Night" Giver!

And speaking of World Book Night---it's this coming Tuesday, April 23rd.
I drove to Elko today ( 2 hours over and 2 hours back---it was worth it!) to pick up our books.  We have another friend who is with us that evening.

Me in front of book store with my box of books!  I can't wait!!

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