Sunday, April 28, 2013

Dark and Stormy

I've been craving one of these.......

......for over 6 months.

It's a "Dark and Stormy".  And it's really good.   Being the sophisticated drinker that I am  (not)  I had never heard of one before I purchased this cookbook, Dinner, A Love Story, by Jenny Rosenstrach.  (but on later research have discovered that they are quite common and popular )  It's the author's favorite drink.  Or her husband, Andy's.

The drink itself  has dark rum, limes and Ginger Beer.
So seeing how simple it was, and how much Jenny Rosenstarach  (or her husband, Andy) loves them,  I was on the look out for  Ginger Beer.  I had to have one too!

I went to every market and liquor store in town.  No Ginger Beer.    I thought our town was just too small to carry  Ginger Beer.
I asked my friends who went to Reno or Boise, or any bigger town,  to be on the look out for Ginger Beer.  I thought maybe I should order some  Ginger Beer off of the internet.  
I was going crazy for this elusive Ginger Beer.

Then one Saturday afternoon,  my son texted me a picture  from a grocery store here in town.   Even he knew I was going crazy wanting a Dark and Stormy.  
I immediately jumped into the car and headed down to buy my Ginger Beer.  I walked thru the beer aisle.  I didn't see it.  I went back thru the beer aisle--very slowly.  I still didn't see it.   I called my son, he tells me it is by the Snapple, etc. 
That seemed weird to me---I thought it must have been  because it is such a unique beer.

I went home, chilled the Ginger Beer and planned to surprise the Handyman with my find.  

I told my family that I would only have one drink,  because this drink would be TOTAL alcohol.   Rum and Beer!!  I didn't want to get drunk, I only wanted to try this drink, so my limit (self imposed) was one.  I made them. We drank them.  Mmmmmm....They were really good.
Imagine my surprise when it didn't taste as  'straight alcoholy' as I thought it would.
I still only had only one.   The Handyman had two.

Then it dawned on me. Ginger Beer is not beer.   Ginger Beer is like Root Beer.  It's a SOFTDRINK!  (dawned on me and then I actually looked at the bottle)

I'm just that sophisticated.  (sigh)

I think I'll go have one now.

from Dinner, A Love Story
this taken from their website. Click on this  to go read  their blog post.  Better yet, fix a Dark and Stormy and sit down and  browse their blog.

 The Dark and Stormy is everything a cocktail should be: damned tasty, of course, but also fizzy, cold, summery, citrusy, and very, very easy to make.
Here’s how. Get a decent-size highball glass and pack it full of ice. Now fill that glass halfway with some good dark rum. (We use fifteen-year-old El Dorado from Guyana or the equally good Zaya from Guatemala. And there is always Gosling’s.) Then—and this part is crucial—top it off with real ginger beer, as opposed to standard-issue ginger ale, which tends to be wan and sugary and overly carbonated. (We used to use Reed’s Extra Ginger Brew, but we’ve recently switched to Regatta, which is a little less sweet and even more gingery and hails from Bermuda, where they know from cocktails.) Finally, the lime. Don’t skimp on the lime! We love the way it balances the sweetness and spice of the rum and the ginger beer. Squeeze two wedges into the glass and discard. Take your third wedge, squeeze it, run the fleshy part once around the rim of the glass, and drop it in. Give a quick stir with your knife. Now partake of the Dark and Stormy. Summer is upon us.

 I am linking up with  Weekend Cooking--- once I'm done browsing thur the Dinner, A Love Story blog,  I'm going to brows thru  everyone's  Weekend Cooking posts.  So maybe  tonight I'll have TWO Dark and Stormys.


bermudaonion said...

You crack me up! Did you try the ginger beer by itself? It is nasty! I really want to read that book!

Michelle said...

I've never heard of this. But now that I have, I totally want one. Hope I don't have to wait 6 months. That's a really long time to satisfy a craving, Debbie!

Linda said...

I haven't had a Dark and Stormy in ages. Now I want one!

Karen said...

So people far and wide were looking out for ginger beer for 6 months, huh? LOL I'd have ordered it online. I don't think I've ever had ginger beer. I like ginger ale, but I guess it must be different. It's so funny now... when I read your posts, I can "hear" your voice... before I got to hear you speak, it was different!

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