Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Welcome Armchair BEA--Who am I?

Armchair BEA is an event for book bloggers who can't make it to BEA "Book Expo America" in New York City this week.

I'm so excited to be back at Armchair BEA once again---it's my third year.  (oops, there is a question already answered)

Let me backtrack just a bit tho...
I am Debbie,  a life-long bookworm, book lover, book obsessed/possessed,  but casual book blogger.  I am not a book reviewer, nor do I stick to any book weekly memes or goals.
So, why am I here you ask?  Well, just because I don't regularly review books, I do read book blogs EVERY DAY and did you notice the obsessed comment above?  I would die if I didn't have a book in my possession at all times.
That might be a tad bit melodramatic, I wouldn't actually 'die',  just go insane.
I must have a book.   I love them. So here I am.
And I loved being a part of Armchair BEA the past two years.  I found new blogs that I loved reading each day and I loved seeing what books everyone across the country was interested in.

10 years ago, I went to New York City with  my friend Stella, who was running the marathon. (I was not. I was her support system) Registration for the marathon took place in the Jarvits Center, so I can close my eyes and picture myself there, smack dab in the middle of BEA.   (sigh) As my mother used to say, "if wishes were fishes, we'd all have a fry." 

I say 'casual' book blogger, because I also blog about food.  And Birds.  And gardening.   And random life events.
I got into blogging because I like to journal/write/keep a diary and this was just a fun way for me to do so.
THEN, I found book bloggers  ( and food bloggers ).

So here I am.  That answers questions  #1 and #3.

#2 Where in the world am I blogging from?  (it says I can include photos)

The Wild Wild West of course.  The Great State of Nevada.  Where we do actually have towns and cities.  I just like to freak people out with our vast wilderness, so that's what I am posting pictures of.
These pics from a 'picnic' we took on Sunday.  We got rained on.

#8  If I could eat dinner with any author or character who would it be and why?
Margaret Maron of course!  The author of the Deborah Knott mystery series.
I love all genres of books, but these are like  the 'comfort food' of books to me.
I love  Maron and all she writes about.

#9 What literary location would you most like to visit and why?
North Carolina where Deborah Knott solves all the murders!  Or maybe Baltimore where Laura Lipman's 'Tess Monaghan'  solves some serious crime.

Series Mysteries=Comfort.  I love knowing and evolving with the characters with each new novel.

So, there is a little bit of background about me. Can I shout out a HELLO to my friend Kathy from BermudaOnion, who actually is at BEA right now? 

I'll be back tomorrow!


shortsweetandsnappy said...

It looks very flat where you're from! That's strange. I'm from the UK and we have hills everywhere you look pretty much!
Hope you enjoy Armchair BEA

leeswammes said...

You live in a beautiful place! I'm like you with reading, I HAVE to have a book or I'll erm... go insane or so. Happy ArmchairBEA!

bermudaonion said...

Aw, thanks for the shout out! I actually leave bright and early tomorrow morning. If you come to North Carolina to see where all the murders are solved, you MUST swing by South Carolina.

By the way, I think of you quite often. My guys sell Sierra Nevada beer. They were pronouncing Nevada wrong but I kept correcting them and now they're finally pronouncing it right!

buy rs gold said...

thanks for the yell out! I actually keep shiny and beginning the next day beginning morning. If you come to Northern Carolina to see where all the killings are fixed, you MUST move by Southern Carolina.

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bermudaonion said...

I miss your posts and hope all is well!

Tina said...

I love the scenery photos you post. Of course, I always like the book info and reviews too, but that scenery. It makes me want to visit in your area.
I hope you are well!

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