Monday, September 30, 2013

It's Monday--again. (why do they keep coming around?)

Before I get to books...

Our weather has changed.  It went from being warm enough to turn the air-conditioner on for about an hour a day (to make it cool enough to be comfortable in the evening) to having a fire in our fireplace, in the space of one week.

I've been taking pictures of my backyard every Saturday, to see how the seasons change. We don't get a lot of color in the fall in Northern Nevada,  We go from hot, dry summer to brown, cold winters.
There is beauty in everything tho, right?

My back yard week #1

My back yard  week #7

When I put those weeks side by side, I see changes...not too many when I put up week by week on my backyard blog.

It's a fun weekly meme all about books we are reading or are going to read.
I always look to other book bloggers when I'm in the need of a good book, or just to keep up on the book trends, popular authors, subjects, etc.
You can check it out by going to Book Journey today!

What have I been reading?
Right now I'm reading 2 books and am loving them both,one fiction, one non-fiction.

I love coming of age books, and the era of the 1960's.
I just want to sit down and not do anything but read this book.  Housework be damned!
(that's okay, right?)

from Goodreads:
The year is 1968. The world is changing, and sixteen-year-old Jon Mosher is determined to change with it. Racked by guilt over his older brother’s childhood death and stuck in the dead-end town of Brewster, New York, he turns his rage into victories running track. Meanwhile, Ray Cappicciano, a rebel as gifted with his fists as Jon is with his feet, is trying to take care of his baby brother while staying out of the way of his abusive, ex-cop father. When Jon and Ray form a tight friendship, they find in each other everything they lack at home, but it’s not until Ray falls in love with beautiful, headstrong Karen Dorsey that the three friends begin to dream of breaking away from Brewster for good. Freedom, however, has its price. As forces beyond their control begin to bear down on them, Jon sets off on the race of his life—a race to redeem his past and save them all

History and literature are my two favorite subjects.
This book is so interesting!

from Goodreads:
In "To America," Stephen E. Ambrose, one of the country's most influential historians, reflects on his long career as an American historian and explains what an historian's job is all about. He celebrates America's spirit, which has carried us so far. He confronts its failures and struggles. As always in his much acclaimed work, Ambrose brings alive the men and women, famous and not, who have peopled our history and made the United States a model for the world.

I finished these 3 in the past week, and recommend them all:

Night Film by Marisha Pessl
A suspense filled mystery.  I really enjoyed it. We read it for book-club and it was highly discuss able.  Everyone liked it.

The  Mountain Between Us by Charles Martin
A nice love story.  Not cheesy or chick-Lit-ish.  (Chick-lit is okay sometimes, but not my favorite, but this was not --it was a really nice story)

Battle Born by Claire Vaye Watkins
A book of short stories featuring Nevada.  Kind of weird, but still, it's my home.
(short stories are always weird for me.  They leave me lacking and I want to know more) But very well written and the settings were somewhat familiar.


bermudaonion said...

Our evenings are cooling off but our air conditioner is still running.

I want to get my hands on Night Film - everyone's raving about it.

Michelle said...

I definitely see changes from week 1 to 7. What a cool idea to photograph each week. Sadly, I would forget!

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