Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Friday Friend Recipe #22 -- Yummy Drink

The end of summer is here.  Labor Day weekend has come and gone, soon we will be seeing Pumpkin recipes all over the place.  There will be no more time  for reading in the hammock sipping a cool beverage like this one.

Okay, there might be time, but the weather won't be cooperating  very much--already it is 48 degrees around here in the morning.  It warms up to 84 during the day, but it won't for very much longer.  And it's true---pumpkin pie spice EVERYTHING will be here soon.  Not to say that I'm not looking forward to it--I am, but  for now I still have some of this Yummy Frozen drink in the freezer and I'm going to enjoy it in these last warm days.

My mom used to make this Yummy Drink every summer and just kept it in her freezer.  My parents had a swimming pool and like to entertain friends during the summer at a swimming party or two.  This was always a refreshing drink to have on hand...for adults.  Because, of course it is an adult beverage.  

 Yummy Frozen Drink

1 12oz can frozen lemonade
1 12oz can frozen orange juice
1 fifth of vodka
9 cups of water

Mix all ingredients together except -up.
Stir and put in freezer.  It will get slushy but not freeze.  Fill glasses 2/3 full and top with 7-up.

Friday Friend cookbook:   I have about 50 of my closest friends and family on an e-mail forum which I called the Friday Friends.  At first, most of them didn't know each other, (they knew me) but over the past 15 years, we've answered and shared silly--and serious---questions,  exchanged Secret Santa Christmas gifts,  had a dieting contest in which we paid a $1 a week and that money went to a scholarship fund for a Friday Friends son's memorial scholarship, and we went on a great vacation for my 52 birthday.

AND,  we contributed recipes for a cookbook.
Which brings you to this recipe #22 contributed by my mom.

My mom:

I am not sure why we took this picture---except my mother was laughing over something that didn't work right in the kitchen.  (we were at our cabin in Oregon)  That is one thing I've always admired about my mom---she has a great sense of humor.
She laughs in the kitchen!!  

One summer we were having supper outside, after an afternoon in the pool.  I grabbed a bowl of baked beans out of the fridge (my mom served them cold) and I turned to hand it to her---well, we hit and missed and the bowl of beans went up into the air, spun around and landed on the kitchen floor.  Bowl right side up, but there were beans everywhere, even on the ceiling.
My immediate reaction was to be mad and frustrated at the situation!  
But then my mother started laughing.  And she couldn't stop, she laughed and laughed and laughed.  People came in to see what was so funny.  I think they saw beans on the ceiling, on the floor, on the appliances and in my hair.  She thought it was the funniest thing ever.
That would be my mother!  I need to take a cue from her and not take things so seriously.

I love that about her.

Needless to say, we didn't have beans that day.

Here is a link to other recipes from my mom.


bermudaonion said...

Yum! A friend of mine makes something similar with brandy and it is sooo good.

Karen said...

OMG... the bean incident! LOL

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