Friday, April 21, 2017

Friday Friend Recipe #127 -- Chorizo and Eggs

Come with me as I continue to countdown my Friday Friend Cookbook!

What is it, you may ask?

In a nutshell...
About 17 years ago, 50 of my closest friends and family, who had been on an e-mail forum with me, sent in recipes in different categories and we compiled a cookbook.
I decided to count those down!

Because  one night I was looking thru the cookbook and I said, "I should make every recipe in here for my blog"
The Handyman--who thinks he knows me better than I know myself, said,  "you'll never EVER do that."
Well,  maybe I will!  Maybe I'll show him!

Which brings me to recipe #127 The Handyman's Chorizo and Eggs

First of all, let me give you the recipe.....

A few things:
1. The 'soft' kind would be Mexican Chorizo.
2. The Handyman never gets this fancy, he just fries up the chorizo and adds the eggs, scrambles them altogether. (correction, he just told me he always adds milk to his eggs.)
3. And as our editor/publisher , Barbara Brown asks:  How did HE get in this book?

is a type of pork sausage.  Traditionally, it uses natural casings made from intestines, a method used since Roman times.

Spanish and Basque Chorizo is firm like salami---you can slice it and serve with crackers and cheese or THE BEST way is to grill them and have them at your Weinerfest!  (which is a hot dog party I have ever summer)

But Mexican Chorizo---  the Mexican versions of chorizo are made from fatty pork, but beef, venison, chicken, kosher, turkey, and even tofu and vegan versions are made. The meat is usually ground (minced) rather than chopped, and different seasonings are used. This type is better known in Mexico and other parts of the Americas, including the border areas of the United States, and is not frequently found in Europe
(I am quoting Wikipedia)

This is what we use:

Chorizo con huevos is a popular breakfast dish in Mexico and areas of the USA with Mexican immigration. It is made by mixing fried chorizo with scrambled eggs
(again with the Wikipedia)

We like it very much---it's easy, kind of spicy and good.   And of course, anything the Handyman cooks is good, because I can just relax and not worry about doing the work!

It's always been a family favorite, but especially for our Grandson Eli.  Eli is very picky, but for some reason he LOVES chorizo and eggs.   Now--- get this--he doesn't like eggs.  Won't touch them.  In any way or form--except when his Granddad makes chorizo and eggs.  He requests it every time he visits us and has also helped crack the eggs into the pan.  But when asked if he wants an egg (scrambled, fried or hardboiled) he makes a gagging sound.
You must add the spiciness to the eggs for them to be any good!
It's true!  He is picky, but he loves spicy stuff.

I took these photos of Eli and his twin sister Emerson over a year ago...on New Year's day.  I had to document everyone's  First book of the year.  We had Chorizo and Eggs the same morning.

One of my most favorite Eli stories is this conversation between he and his mom --  she sent this:

Eli: I'm playing tic-tac-toe with the stars.
Me: Are you winning?
Eli: I won the first game.
I have no idea how one plays tic-tac-toe with the stars, but as we drove home in the dark night and Eli would occasionally shout "3 in a row" the sentiment seemed both innocent and poetic. May he always play with the stars.

I, too, hope he always plays with the stars!

Recipe #127 down,  171 to go!


Stefanie Ng said...

Your grandkids are so cute. Love how Eli loves his grandpa's chorizo and eggs in that style.

bermudaonion said...

I love that the Handyman is in your cookbook!

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