Friday, May 11, 2018

Friday Friend Recipe #188 - Quiche Lorraine

Come with me as I continue to countdown my Friday Friend Cookbook!

What is it, you may ask?

In a nutshell...
About 19 years ago, 50 of my closest friends and family, who had been on an e-mail forum with me, sent in recipes in different categories and we compiled a cookbook.
I decided to count those down!

Because  one night I was looking thru the cookbook and I said, "I should make every recipe in here for my blog"
The Handyman--who thinks he knows me better than I know myself, said,  "you'll never EVER do that."
Well,  maybe I will!  Maybe I'll show him!

Which brings me to recipe #188

Ashley's Quiche Lorraine

Sunday morning breakfast on the patio.
Quiche and a fruit salad and coffee.

Bacon, Swiss cheese and onions mingle in perfect harmony amidst the eggs and cream in this timeless classic.

This is Ashley and this is her 6th recipe in the Friday Friend Cookbook Countdown.
Check out all of her recipes here (just click)

Before there was blogging--or before I learned about blogging anyway-- I would print out all the Friday Friend forum correspondence and put them in binders.  Years after we stopped doing this forum I have still have it all in notebooks
(I should probably toss them, but it is so fun at times like this). 
I would usually start a theme for the week or ask a question or two and then let the conversation begin. 
There were approximately 50 of my closest friends and family -- 15 of these were great answerers and 15 were occasional answerers.  The others were sporadic.
Ashley was one of those.

For instance, I looked thru 2 big notebooks this morning trying to find an answer or some dialog that Ashley contributed.
I came across this (after skimming the notebooks for 2 hours)
She what she says in the middle of the page --  Dr. Pepper is her 'soda' of choice.
That's it -- no story.

NO story!!
She likes Dr. Pepper.
And Winnie the Pooh.
She also started the Totally Lit Book Club that I'm in.  Of course it was just called book club 18 years ago -- we added the TOTALLY LIT, about 10 years ago.
( some of them below--organizing themselves as I make them get their picture taken  )

April and I are the only original members left, we've had people come and go, but they go because they move away.  Ashley and I share a good friend, Betty, who she invited to join the book club at the very beginning--18 years ago-- and she never did -- until last summer!  I'm so happy to have her!

We all ran into each other last summer at The Griddle and I whipped out my phone to take a picture--thank goodness, as I am running out of photos of her.

By the way, she didn't have Dr. Pepper in her glass....

And that my friends is FF Recipe #188--Ashley's Quiche Lorraine


bermudaonion said...

Who doesn't love quiche? Do you remember that book, Real Men Don't Eat Quiche?

Stefanie said...

Seeing quiche makes me smile as it reminds me of my Aunty J who we had lost seven years ago when she was 59. She used to make me some and give me some, knowing I liked it.

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