Monday, July 23, 2007

3 things

Three things for the FF Blog.....

1) is that when I left Winnemucca on Saturday the 7th and we had the huge, huge fire (we did make CNN news, but I didn't have time to tape it )
Rich told me that the Lieutenant called he and John Milton dorks.
There they were, a city councilman and a country commissioner, at the command post (the park at the end of my street) standing there in their shorts and sandals with their mouths open watching a fast moving fire, which was coming right at them!
Lt. Waldie looked at them and told them they had no sense and looked like a couple of dorks.

why is it men seem to take these things as a compliment?

2) I've mentioned that LeAnne and I both don't care for flying..... we used to hate it, but I think now we're okay. But we were so nervous and silly about the whole thing....when I called Rich on Monday when we go to Richmond, he said that it was on the news that two old ladies got kicked off a plane in Denver for---acting too stupid/scared/etc.
I laughed and he said when he and Mark and Sadie were having dinner, he was telling them this and Sadie looked up and said, "I thought they had a direct flight?"

HA HA HA---daughter in law!! We're not that weird! We didn't get kicked off....just held hands during take off and had rum and cokes for our nerves.

3) I guess e-mails will have to be. I have this really cool blog, that no one will remember to check out......

from Tyler, my other son:
I prefer the e-mail, I'm not sure I can remember to check the site every three hours for the updates!

but first he said: Oh dear lord, please help us, she has finally lost control.

me/debbie/his mom:
HEY!!! I was trying to be considerate.....not bugging everyone all the time.

from my mom, Bev:

it's "d" mails for Debbie e-mails!!! cool is that?

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