Thursday, July 19, 2007

Now, this might get kind of confusing....
but I have made a "blog page", so every morning, you can go and check it out:

I thought this way I wouldn't be bugging everyone. BUT the confusing part is the "interactive" part of my blog.... you know, your answers and comments.
so unless you take the time to "comment" on the blog...... well...... this just could get confusing
Unless you've read my blog for today, you won't understand....

from Theda:
Sweetened Tea!!!!!!!! I think that it is wonderful. Last year when I was at the Grand Ole Opry Hotel there was sweetened tea and it always came with a "Mam" I loved it. This morning on the Today show they were showing America's great places - or something like that and they were in South Carolina (I think). Anyway with lunch the waitress said that he had to order tea - sweetened tea. She said that it was the south's version of wine. I smiled and remembered back to last year and longed for the south. But then I do add sugar to my tea. Never as much as the sweetened tea has though.

from Traci:
I'm going to have to check this site out more tonight at home. :) So you had storms in Washington and Atlanta???? Yikes, that does not make for a fun trip. How long was the flight? The longest one I've been on was 7.5 hours...... my butt was so numb I could hardly wait to get off the plane.

I haven't had sweet tea in years, my Dad's family ALWAYS had sweet tea. I too drink my straight or with a little Sweet & Low every now and then.

from me/debbie:
only storms in Georgia....well, all the east coast, but they left as soon as we waited them out and then the storms never came back. We were lucky and had great weather the whole time. Not much humidity at all.
to be fair and honest, the waitress asked me if I wanted "Sweet Tea" and LeAnne and I both went...."oooooohhhhhh", in that high-pitched, isn't that sweet, we are in a different region, kind of voice.
And then I ordered it.... I said sure,I would try it. And I'm glad I did. I just didn't like it. Because I don't take sugar in my tea. It was way to sweet for me.
That's all.
But I did like the "idea" of it. :~)

Theda gave me some fruity tea for Christmas last year and I really liked that. It was good. I can't remember what kind it was or where it was from, but it was very good.

And yesterday, when writing about the dead tress and "buses" in people's yards.... I got a bunch of smart alec replies.
of course I meant bushes!!!
And ash that Rich didn't wipe up ANYWHERE... well, I cleaned the bathroom and kitchen last night. No more grit. :~)

from Dustin:
The trees and buses are all burned how will the kids get to school--dustin21

from Darleen: (Rich's aunt)
MEN ARE JUST SO DAMN "HELPFUL" AREN'T THEY??? Rich DID clean it all up though, DIDN'T HE???

Of course Rich didn't clean up...duh...what COULD I have been thinking?? Sounds like you had a great time. I love Virginia. I think it is one of the most beautiful states there is. So LUSH. Yes, there is SO MUCH HISTORY on the east coast. The battle fields are amazing. One time in Charleston, SC, we went to the Slave Market. Yes, where they actually SOLD people. They have swap meets there now, but the history is still there, plus all the cannon balls everywhere, etc. And so many stone barriers (like fences between the yards). I still love the west coast the best. Us Heathens all live out here!!
Love you too!!

from Tomi:
I'm glad to see you're back. I missed not hearing from you. It sounds like you had a great time. We went to the historic triangle when we went to visit Zach last December. It's such a cool area isn't it. I think Williamsburg was my favorite. I would love to go back again and see all the places we didn't have time to see. Just the museums alone can take days or weeks!

Evalynn is beautiful. Her eyes look like Dustin's I think. I bet it was hard to leave her. (But it's nice going home isn't it.)

from Barbara B:
There's nothing worse than a dead "bus" in your yard.......................Unless it's a stupid husband who leaves an ash mess for you to clean up. He needs his "ash" kicked.Did I ever tell you about the time Gary Erovick decided to heat up some sauerkraut, and rather than open the can, he just put it in a pan of water on the stove, forgot about it, and it blew up all over the ceiling and walls. Of course, he left it for me, and by the time I got home from work it was all dried and stuck.

from Kevin:
Debbie is no longer allowed to leave. We almost lost that whole neighborhood. If one house had gone, I think a bunch would have followed, I was so mad & scared & 40 miles away. It was as awful as all the other fires I have witnessed, because I have so many friends in those areas.
Of course, I was unaware that so many people up there owned buses.
The baby is beautiful.
Glad you're back,

from me/debbie:
buses---smushes. ahhahahaahaa

Virginia was flat. We couldn't see anything. It was very green and lush and pretty where we were and it all blocked my view.
But I found out that we were in Tobacco land, and it IS all flat. There are other parts of Virginia, which are hilly. We would have liked to see that part, because we felt very...claustrophobic in a weird way.
The highways and all along the train tracks were hidden with bush/trees. Trees and bushes only high enough to block our view. Even in the forest filled areas of Oregon and Washington and Idaho, Montana, one can "see" hills and mountains---you can see into the distance, rolling hills. I have never encountered the blockading view of so much green stuff.
I was excited about the train ride on Amtrak from Richmond into Virginia, to see the countryside, but all we could see were trees and bushes and nothing above them...and they were only as high as my lilac bushes...just high enough to block our view.
Having said all that, tho.... we did love it and would go back in a minute--for a visit. I don't know that I could live that flat part.

The Fridays have varied and different "friends" and points of view, as you know, and one of them is the LOVE of Virginia.
Darleen lived there and loved it
Mitzi lived there and loved it
April lived there and loved it
I found it to be most interesting to VISIT, so much history and stuff.
I do get a little annoyed tho, that they NO NOTHING about the west. It's like we don't exist to most of them. I want them to enjoy us and much as we enjoy them.

I did find out that I could be a traveler. (home "is" always the best tho ) I like to see the different places and learn different experiences. LeAnne and I would ask the waiter what they suggested, etc. Instead of just ordering a try to get the flavor. I had crabcakes (I think Maryland is better for crabcakes). I wanted BBQ because we were in the south, but LeAnne doesn't care for it and it was never convenient---next time.
I guess I'll have to get my taste buds set for "new england boiled dinner" if I'm going to Connecticut!! mmmmm.....mmmmmm......mmmmmm
(I actually really like it)

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Jolina said...

This is so cool. How did you end up with a blog?? I subscribed to my niece's blog, but this one was weird, so not sure how this is going to work. I'll miss D-Mails, but it would be twice as much work, but about 1/3 the fun - no more demands about answering your questions, etc.

I, too, am back from vacation. We got home last night at 10pm. Drove from Vegas on Sunday to Elko. golfed yesterday and then drove home. What a fun trip it's been.

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