Thursday, July 19, 2007

Virginia (and Evalynn) here we come

I remember that movie, "planes, trains and automobiles", and that is kind of what my trip was like. Our trip I should say....LeAnne and myself. LeAnne, my sister in of my favorites. :~) We went to see my grandbaby, Evalynn Alexis Stone.
On Saturday the 7th of July, I drove up to Kennewick, Washington, to visit my parents. As you know, Winnemucca was on fire, so it was quite a hectic evening for me. Exciting, but not in a good way. I have a lot more sympathy for victims of fire's just a really weird feeling, even thinking you "might" catch on fire. Your home, that is. It's hard to describe and I'm sure for people who have lost their homes in a fire, no way to let anyone understand how you feel.
On Monday after LeAnne got off work, we drove up to Auburn, WA, to spend the night with Cherrie and Mike. They have such a cute house! Loved her bathroom.....she has an old claw-foot bathtub. And it's decorated very cute----her bathroom.
Tuesday morning 6:00 a.m. off to the airport, where we boarded a plane headed to Atlanta.
The funny thing about me and LeAnne....we both hate to fly, but for different reason. She gets claustrophobic, and can get panicky about it. To quote her "THEY'RE SUCKING MY AIR!!" It's really difficult for her. Me, on the other hand, worry that the plane won't make it off the ground--I HATE TAKING OFF. And then every little sound I hear, I know THE PLANE IS GOING DOWN!!
So, we were a very happy/funny couple----imagine Laveren and Shirley. I couldn't get my headphones to work and LeAnne had to help me, and we held hands during take off. The very "unfriendly" man next to us kept sighing and rolling his eyes.
We were delayed in Atlanta for a thunderstorm....stuck on the tarmac for 2 hours. LeAnne took an anxiety pill and feel asleep, I stayed awake and prayed.
Really, our flights were both fine, just long...and when we got to Richmond, there was Dustin and Ashley and Evalynn waiting for us!! She loved her grandma right away!!!
We went to eat dinner before going home to their apartment, and LeAnne and I took turns holding her. She kind of slept thru it all. :~)
I ordered Iced Tea--- and they brought "sweet" tea. It was gross! I want to sweeten my own tea, thank you very much. And actually I just drink my tea plain. The sweet tea was WAY TOO SWEET, for me that is.
I had forgotten I was in the south. :~)

more later.......

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