Monday, July 23, 2007

Get your Sunsets


I got mine in the mail today, and there, on the front cover story of "Best Cool Getaways", there is a picture of....................
..........Wallowa Lake!!
Where my parents have their cabin. Where the Friday Friend reunion will be held!!!

Here is the thing about Sunset magazine.....cover stories are different depending where you live. This might not be the cover story and article in Arizona or Washington.
Sunset breaks up their "living in the west" magazine into 5 different covers and cover articles depending on which region of the west you live in.
How do I know this you ask? From a Nevada Commission on Tourism Rural Round-up Trip I took a few years ago. During the "dinner" I sat by an editor of Sunset magazine, and I asked him how/why they did that.
And they do it by closest mailing address....
so IF I moved to Connecticut and wanted to receive my PACIFIC NORTHWEST Sunset magazine, they would probably send me the COLORADO ROCKIES edition. Because it's closest to Connecticut.
He saw no way around this at the time of our dinner.
Maybe by now they have remedied this. All because of me. LOL

Anyway, beautiful Wallowa Lake--on the Cover!!!
Sunset thinks it one of the ten best getaways in the west!!!
(even if the Nobles had a bad experience there once.....the ONLY time they went, and are hesitant about going back. They went on memorial day and camped with a baby and it rained the whole time and the bathrooms were plugged -----Come on Nobles, Sunset Magazine cannot be wrong........)
Top Ten Lakeside resorts.....
chime in all yee who have been there!!!!

anyway, check out Sunset magazine August 2007 issue. Oregon's Wallowa Lake on the cover.

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