Wednesday, May 21, 2008

books, men and being ourselves

I'm reading an "Amanda Pepper Mystery".... I'd Rather be in Philadelphia.

I don't know if you remember, but the "guy" in the Amanda Pepper Mysteries is C.K. Mackenzie and he's from the south. (In my mind he is Alan Jackson) and his famous quote--the one who made me rethink Southern men, was--'we southern men might talk slow, but we don't think slow'.
I'm sure he was implying he was going to do something intimate with Amanda Pepper in mind, but I remember it, the line/quote, because I have a horrible stereotype in my mind of Southern men...especially grown men who call their father's "daddy" and like I said, it made me "rethink" Southern men.

But here is my thought..... the book is, of course, a mystery book (hence Amanda Pepper Mysteries) and this one, book #3, is about spousal abuse, which gets me to thinking. Southern men/women, and old standards (not Frank Sinatra songs)


1. Why are Southern Women seen as more "fragile" than the rest of us? There is just something about that accent that lends itself to more courtesy from men. (well, okay, disregard the Southern, lower educated, backwards thinking man...) One just doesn't speak "curtly" to a Southern woman.
but then.....they're not on the up and up either.
they do that womanly wile thing...."I'm not gonna give you a just make you want me morah.... " "you just want my sugah"

personally i can't stand the "womanly wile" thing. I don't get it.... (perhaps i do need to flirt more with my husband and wile him.... but seriously, he would be suspicious about what I wanted. he is no fool)

****OKAY, HE JUST CAME IN and interrupted this blog... I smiled coyly and rubbed his ear. He backed away... I told him I was trying to be feminine, but LOL (he just asked how can I be it, if I can't spell it? i had asked him how to spell feminine. he is still here) it made him uncomfortable.

back to blog....
do you think that men, on average, are really looking for a girly-girl or an interesting, smart, true to herself, girly or not girl?

thins brings me to
#2. Old standards.
It used to be we were taught that if we were to catch a man and keep him we had to do these things.
act interested in him (okay)
take up HIS hobby ( grandma tried to tell me it was my duty to do Because if i wasn't going to golf with him, someone else would. )
we do all kinds of things.....or our mothers were told to do these things, take up hobbies we don't like, read magazines we don't like, join clubs they take an intest in, etc etc etc.

I'm not a feminist, but jeepers creepers....... didn't anyone ever like you just the way you are?

well, this blog is not exactly an example of perfection. It's unorganized, my thought jump all over the place and I'm not sure I make any sense.
i was interrupted by my husband
and many customers..... I guess they do come first! LOL

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