Saturday, May 17, 2008

Stephen King

Rich was flipping thru the channels this morning (by the one filed to run against him for City Council) and on Book-TV they had a panel consisting of Stephen King, his wife Tabitha and their son, Owen.
Someone asked them a question, "do you ever, or have you ever felt the need to criticize, or critique one of your parents, spouses, children's book. (and how harsh that would be since they just talked about book reviewers and how much it stung even when you were a successful artist/writer)
Stephen said.... well, we think of ourselves as PARENTS first, LOVERS first, MARRIED first, CHILDREN first, so the writer/artist always comes 2nd, so no, we don't ever feel the need to tell each other we don't like what the other is writing.

Tabitha, his wife, said the same thing, that they are always there in a supportive role.

But I'm stuck....on LOVERS. There is just something weird about Stephen King saying "LOVERS"

That word is so antiquated....we've talked about it before.
So, using it is weird because one rarely uses it in the 2008 United States...and WEIRD because Stephen King just doesn't look like a LOVER, as he implied he was.

again...lets bring the word back!!!

I did turn to Rich and say, "yeah, we are lovers first too, just like Stephen King and Tabitha."
He nodded his head. (I don't think he was paying much attention to me, but rather sulking that he had stopped on that channel and knew better than to change it, for fear of me, his LOVER, yelling at him. )

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