Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Tumble and Other weeds

Most of you live out west (those of you who read..or FF blog), and know what a tumbleweed is. You can see them on any given windy day rolling across the highway, on their way to join the their brothers who are all gathered along the fence line.
Sometimes there seems to be a gazillion of them. They line up, they start to get on top of each other, they multiply, and then you'll see someone burning them.
They are prickly and annoying.
But Rich told me this morning on our walk, that people back east will actually purchase a tumbleweed or two on "e-bay". for $35/piece.
The decorate their yards with them in the "western" style.
Interesting. Since all of us out west are trying to get our yards lush and green and relaxing. Who would want a nasty old tumbleweed in their backyard?
And who ever thought of selling one on e-bay in the first place? I have no originality of thought. I have tumbleweeds, I have boxes, I have acces to the internet for selling, why couldn't I have thought about this?
I'm going to look around for more noxious weeds to sell!
I'm going to become a gazillionaire....with......tackweed!! (goatheads)

Goatheads. I had never heard that term until we moved to Winnemucca. We always called them "tackweed" in Washington. Remember how they would stick into the bottom of your rubber "thongs". (flip-flops). Sometimes if they had an extra long prong, it would go right thru your thong into your foot. Ouch!!
But I wonder why they are called "goatheads"?

I'm sure close up, they must look like the head of a goat?
Just imagine what a selling bonuse this will be! I'll take great close-up photos of them and put them on e-bay.

heh, heh......I'll be laughing all the way to the bank.

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