Thursday, May 15, 2008

A Family Thing

It's a family thing....
about 6 months ago, my nephew, Jeff, backed into my dad's PT-Cruiser.

My nephew felt HORRIBLE for only having his license for a few months and then backing into his Papa's car. And in the drive-way no less!!!

My dad is a "car" guy, so....this is pretty serious stuff. :~)

But you's family, so you forgive and forget.
I had to call Jeff and commiserate with him, because, I too, have backed into my father's car. The Ranchero. In 1976.
These things are hard to forget. Jeff and I can laugh about this now, but....

I talked to my mom this morning. Last night she was "watching" Jason, while Kevin was at work and Sylvia was at a function and Jeff was working.
(family history, Jason my other nephew, Kevin my brother, Sylvia his wife....)
Jeff works at Dairy Queen and got off and went home, where my mom and Jason were. so, my mom gets ready to leave, because Jeff is home to stay with Jase now (Jason is 11, was night and he was all alone).
so, my mom gets into her car...the PT Cruiser and backs out of the drive way.
BUT.....hits something that stops her in her tracks. It happens to be Jeff's car!!!!
She backed right into it. :~0
about that time Sylvia arrived home, got out of her car and said, "are you trying to pay us back?"

A family thing.

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