Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hot Book club Picks---want to join me?

I'm going to read the list of books that I found on/from the BEA panel on "Thirty Hot Book club Picks for fall 2010"

I found the list at, you can click here to see her post where she talks about the panel she was on (and other book bloggers, with names familiar to me, that she met at the expo).

Does anybody want to join me? Seriously, I know nothing about "badges" and "Mr. Linky's" , but, I just want to read them and discuss them (In addition to my other book clubs).

I hesitate to join "challenges" but......I'm going out on a limb here and saying I'm going to read them. (yay me)

I'm going to start with "Mrs. Somebody Somebody" by Tracy Winn....
In this astonishing debut, Tracy Winn poignantly chronicles the souls who inhabit the troubled mill town of Lowell, Massachusetts, playing out their struggles and hopes over the course of the twentieth century. Through a stunning variety of voices, Winn paints a deep and permeating portrait of the town and its people: a young millworker who dreams of marrying rich and becoming “Mrs. Somebody Somebody”; an undercover union organizer whose privileged past shapes her cause; a Korean War veteran who returns to the wife he never really got to know—and the couple’s overindulged children, who grow up to act out against their parents; a town resident who reflects on a long-lost love and the treasure he keeps close to his heart. Winn’s keen insight into class and human nature, combined with her perfect, nuanced prose, make Mrs. Somebody Somebody truly shine.

My friend Tomi in Utah (I'm in NV) is going to join me. She doesn't have a blog, but we'll figure something out so she can post.

I am thinking perhaps my DIL, Sadie will join (I'm not sure, and I can't ask her, they are on a trip to Minnesota for a cousins wedding), but she does have a book she just began recently. As I've said in the past, I don't do well at "reviewing" a book, I just like to talk about them, but Sadie, well, she can really write up a great review. Check out her book blog here.

I thought for now, if anyone wanted to join me, you could just make a comment and then I'll keep a list.
This will be pretty low-key, I'm sure.

Oh.... the book, Mrs. Somebody Somebody just came out on June 8th. I think we can read it by the end of the month, don't you?


Grumpy and HoneyB said...

Debbie This sounds really interesting to me. I'm going to look the book up online!

Grumpy and HoneyB said...

I was really hoping this was going to be available on kindle :( it wasn't.

Beth F said...

I can't squeeze in another challenge, but I'm going to follow along so I can discover some great new titles.

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