Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday Morning

Yesterday morning, my son and I drove 165 miles to go to church. (it rained the whole way). We went to hear my daughter-in-law give a sermon. She is the new director of Children and Youth ministries at Reno First United Methodist Church, and the Pastor was on vacation, so Sadie got to give her first sermon at that church.  (she did an awesome job by the way)

It's a gorgeous church...the oldest one in Reno. It is on the Stained Glass tour that the arts council of the city of Reno does each year. And rightly so....look at this stained glass!!!

I've been in this church a few times. I noticed the beautiful stained glass and the beautiful pipe organ and the beautiful stone work. At lunch after church, my son says, those faces popping out of the wall creep me out.
I said, "what faces?" I didn't notice any faces. My daughter-in-law laughed and said, "yeah, what is really creepy is that those were actual faces of children, 60 years ago, and some of them are still members of the church and are sitting in the pews each Sunday."
And I was still saying "WHAT FACES? I didn't see any faces!"
And then I got home and downloaded my pictures onto the computer.

(can you see them?) It's still a gorgeous church. I want to go there, but 165 miles one way to church is a bit much for me. I've never been an organ fan--I prefer the piano, until.....until I head the pipe organ. The acoustics are (insert a singing voice here) woooonderrrfullll! Everyone sounds good when they sing in that church.

I took this picture too, from inside the church, because it was raining out and it looked so green from inside. Anything that looks green in Nevada, I take a picture of.

I'll be back later in the day for "It's Monday, what are you reading".


MM said...

I had to click on the picture to get a bigger view before I noticed the faces. Before that I said the same thing as you...faces? What faces?!

Beautiful church.

Karen said...

Beautiful stained glass. I love the pics of the children's faces... what a great idea. The shot of the windows with the rain behind it is really good!

Kate said...

Beautiful! Congratulations to your DIL for a successful day!

~Jess said...

I agree....creepy, but cool. Looks like your getting great shots with your camera!

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